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Maybe we're just having too much fun.

Chapter 9

“Time to wake up, beaut- Sky.” I wake up to the voice in my ear. I smile slightly remember the events of last night. I open my eyes as I gently roll over to see Jaime laying on the bed propping himself up on his elbow. He leans in to kiss my forehead before rising from the hotel bed and stretching. I stare at his toned body as he bends his back and stretches the muscles in his arms and legs. I sit up and swing my legs over the bed so I am sitting beside his body. I soon stand and do the same stretching as Jaime.
“You almost ready to go back to the bus?” He asks me while putting his sandals on his feet.

“Yeah, just a sec.” I say and enter the small bathroom. I run my fingers through my hair and splash my face with cold water before returning to my crush and slipping on my shoes. We interlock our fingers and begin to leave. I close the door just to have my back pushed into it. I gasp in surprise and confusion but soon realize what's happening when Jaime's soft lips crash against mine. I smile into the kiss filled with explosives and turn the knob of the door again while still kissing him. I push the door back and he picks my thighs up, letting me wrap my legs around his body. We continue kissing for a moment before a voice makes us stop.

“Really guys?” I recognize the voice as Tony's and I hear him continue from the other side of the door. “I understand you like each other but can you please stop kissing for a few minutes so you can get on the bus and we can finally head for our first venue?” I laugh as does Jaime. He gently drops my legs and I kiss his lips once more before we link hands and open the door.

“Better?” I ask Tony but Himes answers.

“Yep. That was exactly what I needed.” He says with a smirk.

“Oh shut up.” I laugh and playfully hit his chest.We begin to walk down the hall and reach the elevator. I press the button and a few moments later the doors open with a ding. We walk in and this time Tony presses the silver button. I feel Jaime's arms wrap around my waist from behind and I smile.

“So we're having a first day of tour party tonight on All Time Low's bus. You guys up for it?” Tony tells us and I nod surely.

“I'll be there.” Jaime says from behind me as the elevator dings, telling us that we're in the lobby. We exit the elevator and another set of people enter the cubicle. Jaime keeps one of his arms around me and lets the other fall, allowing himself to go to my side. I lean into him a little as we leave through the doors. I feel his hands begin to trail down my sides and resist the urge to shiver. Jaime notices and smirks, knowing what he's doing. He leans and kisses my neck softly as we near the bus and I get and idea. I snake my arm around his waist and reach into his pants pocket. He stops for a split second before continuing. I shock him boy reaching my hand farther towards his member before grabbing it firmly. He lets out a soft moan and I pull my hand back as we reach the door of the bus.

“Come on.” Jaime says and grabs my hand, leading me to the lounge room in the back. He closes and locks the door. I feel the bus begin to move as I fall back onto the leather couch. Jaime climbs on top of me and I smile.

“Someone's excited.” I smirk but I am soon filled with shock and pleasure as he begins to kiss my neck. I smile and his lips trail upward to meet mine. We kiss passionately and I let my hands go underneath his chest, feeling every inch of his toned muscles. My hands continue to roam as our tongues fight for dominance. I notice my hands reach lower and lower until they reach his belt. I feel him moan against my lips and I smile. I begin to undo the clasp but he stops me and pulls away slightly. I look into his eyes and hear his voice a few moments later.

“You sure you want to do this?” He asks and I can't help but smile widely. I nod, not being able to speak and a grin appears on his face. He returns his lips to mine and rests his hands on my hips as I finish undoing his belt. He lifts off me enough to pull my shirt over my head. I yank his pants down as he begins to fondle my breasts. His hands soon move downs to my jeans and he begins to mess with the button as I try to remove his shirt. Soon enough, we're both naked and I can see that he's rock hard. I smirk when I decide on my next action. He tries to return his mouth to mine but I turn away before grasping his member and lowering m body to his, my head right above his crotch. I take the head in my mouth and swirl my tongue earning soft moans from Jaime. I decide not to wait and let his full member into my mouth. I almost gag, surprised by his size but I suppress it.

“Oh-Oh Fuck! Skylie!” He moans and I can almost guarantee that the other men heard it. I smile as he begins to grip the leather. “Sky... I'm about to..” He trails off and I remove his hard part from my mouth. I go up to his mouth and kiss him while muttering.

“Not until you're inside me babe.” I murmur and I feel his his press against mine and he moans. He flips us over so he's now on top. I rub my hands down his chest as he aligns himself with my entrance. He leans down close to me and speaks.

“You ready?” He asks sweetly and I just kiss him causing him to break out into a grin as he thrusts inside me. I let out a loud moan and continue to as he thrusts into me hard and fast. I smile as I realize that the man I am completely in love with, is making love to me. I am ripped out of my thoughts by a thrust that almost made me lose control. I moan loud as he does it again and I can tell that he too, is on the verge of cumming.

“Oh my god! Jaime!” I scream out as I release my fluids. He does the same before collapsing beside me and pulls me close.

“You were amazing.” He murmurs into my hair and I smile.

“That's because I had a good partner.” I smirk and he presses his lips against the tip of my nose and smiles.

“We should probably clean up before we go back to the others.” He says and I nod. I grab my clothes from the various spots they ended up at and put them on. Jaime does the same. We clean up before fixing each other's hair and going back into the main part of the bus.

Right when we entered the view of the boys they all had evil and knowing looks on their faces.

“Oh my god! Jaime!” Mike suddenly screams out, imitating me.

“Skylie!” Vic soon follows.

“Don't stop, Jaime! Never stop!” Tony screams and they all burst into laughter causing my cheeks to become warm as I bury my face into Jaime's chest.

“It's ok. They're just jealous.” he sticks his tongue out at them and I giggle. Then I realize how happy Jaime is and I smile widely. I might actually be doing something right for once.


Omg. Sucky smut. I can't write smut guys. I'm sorry. I know this is short and really rushed but I just felt really bad about not updating so I mean UPDaTED. Oh, there will be a time skip after a some filler chapters, i'm sorry. But there might be some drama in the next chapter so yay. Ok. Love you babes. Enjoy the sucky smut. <3


Okay. I love this. UPDATE SOON PWEEZ!!!

At chapter ten; I almost cried! Like, THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING, JAIME?! aghhhh okay anyways I love this story and imma read the rest now


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i love this so much :D

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It's nice. :)

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