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Maybe we're just having too much fun.

Chapter 8

-Jaime's pov-

“Hey Himes.” I recognize Tony's voice from the other side of my bunk curtain. I slide the thick, structured material to the side and sit up to look at the guitarist.

“Hey man. What's up?” I ask as he sits beside me.

“I want to talk about earlier. Wait. No, I don't want to talk about it. I just want you to promise me that you'll never do it again. Promise me, Jaime. You can't be doing that to yourself. We care way too much about you. So please just promise me.” He speaks as I look in his eyes. I sigh before responding to his words

“I promise Tony. I'll stop.” I lie. He mutters a thank you and attacks me in a hug as the bus stops signaling that we've reach the hotel we're staying at for the night. I stand and walk into the living area to see Sky texting someone on her iphone. I immediately become curious and ask “Who're you texting?” I try to sound like it doesn't matter and it works.

“My friend Zack.” She says simply.

“Zack who?” Tony asks over protectively.

“Merrick. We haven't met yet but he says we might soon.” She smiles when her phone dings. I stop and think for a second. Zack Merrick. There's a Zack Merrick in All Time Low. We have a few concerts with them this tour, one of them being tomorrow. She doesn't know he's in All Time Low. I look a Tony who's staring at Skylie with his jaw hitting the floor. He closes it and smiles.

“Ah. Do you like-like him?” He asks with a smirk. She blushes but quickly recovers. She glances in my direction before talking.

“Eh, I guess. But i'm kinda interested in someone else.” She gives him a small smile. I open my mouth to ask who but i'm interrupted by Vic entering the scene.

“Ok guys. We're meeting All Time Low in the lobby to figure out our rooming arrangements. Sky, you have to come with too to meet the boys. You're going to have to room with two guys by the way.” Vic paused as Sky nodded. “Ok, then let's go” He said and each got off of the bus and headed for the modern hotel.

Sky and Zack are going to meet. I'm about to lose the slim chance I have with the girl of my dreams. Fantastic. I sigh as Vic pushes open the door and we entire the lobby. Alex, Jack, Zack, and Rian are all standing with Mike and we soon reach the group of musicians.

“Jaime! Hey dude! I heard about you and Candace... I'm so sorry.” Zack said as he walked towards me. I gave him a small smile.

“It's okay. I like someone else anyway.” We did a bro hug and after everyone except Sky was completely greeted by the four members of the opposite band, Zack noticed Sky.

“Hey there beautiful. What's your name?” He asked as he walked towards her.

“Skylie. Yours?” She asks completely clueless.

“I'm Zack Merrick. I'm All Time Low's bassist.” He smiled not understanding that he just met the girl he was texting earlier.

“Wait. Zack Merrick?” Sky smiled beautifully. “I'm Skylie Martinez.” Then he realized it.

“Oh my god! Sky? Why didn't you tell me you were going to be here?” He asked and picked her up in a hug. He spun her around and she laughed.

“Because I didn't know you were going to be here! Oh my god. I can't believe it.” She smiled and looked up at his face. Oh how I wish she was looking at me and not him. They erupt in conversation and everyone else follows their actions. After 5 minutes of meaningless conversations, the rooming arrangements are figured out by Vic and Mike.

“Ok, guys! Rooms have been decided. There are 4 rooms of two and one room of three. Room sets are.. Jack and Alex. Rian and their driver Brad, Mike and Tony, Casey and I, And then finally, Zack, Jaime and Skylie.” Vic smiled as we all were given our keys to the rooms. Zack took the key that belonged to our room in the west wing and the groups separated. Mike and Tony, along with my group, headed to the west portion and the rest to the right. I sighed as I followed Zack and Sky holding hands.

We soon arrived at the door to our room and Zack gave Skylie a five star smile as he opened the door for her. “Guys, i'll be in Mike and Tony's room for a little bit.” I say and go across the hall to the boys' room. I walk in to see Mike already setting up some alcohol and getting out his pre-made blunts. I smile knowing that this is exactly what I need.

“Hey Himes. What'd you need?” Tone asked as I entered the room.

“Just.. nothing. Is it ok if I hang out here for a while?” I ask politely.

“Actually... I was kinda hoping you'd watch Sky for me. Because of you know.... Zack. From what I know, his intentions are not the best.” He says and I become slightly angry at Zack. I nod and basically run across the hall and to the door. I swing it open to find Sky laying on her stomach on the bed and Zack at the foot of the bed. I turn a tiny degree and see that they're watching a Halloween special on the small tv.

“Jaime. Hey.” Sky said and smiled. I walk up to the bed cautiously. I lay beside her and she scoots closer. I smile and wrap my arms around her. She rolls on top of my stomach and I poke her cheeks. She kisses the tip of my nose and I smile.

“Awhhh.” I hear Zack say happily.

“What?” Skylie asks lifter her head a tiny bit.

“You two are just such a cute couple.” He says. Oh my god. Did that really just happen?

I begin to blush but cover it up by laughing and I notice Sky lightly giggling too. “We're not dating.” Sky says simply.

“Oh. Whoops.” Zach said not sounding like it was an accident. He turns back to the television and I redirect my attention to Sky. She leaned down right next to my ear and whispered.

“Jaime. What's going on between us?” She whispered only loud enough for me to hear. I felt her warm breath hit my ear and I had to fight the urge to shiver.

“I don't know. I honestly have no fucking clue.” I smile into her ear, speaking at the same volume she did. “But I really want to kiss you right now. I want to so bad.” I chuckle and she bends her neck a little and she kisses my neck softly. I silently moan as she trails her lips to meet mine and we kiss without making any noise. Her soft lips fit mine as if they were made for each other. Our lips move in sync and I can feel the bombs going off as cliché as that sounds. I let my tongue graze her bottom lip and she gives me entrance without hesitation. My tongue travels around her mouth but soon retreats back into my own as Sky pushes it into my mouth, bring hers with. I let her explore my mouth and I smile as the kiss slows down and it soon ends. I peck her lips one more time and I hear a chorus of 'Aws' erupt in the doorway. I see both bands standing in a group looking at Skylie and I. Wow were we really kissing that long?

I give out a small laugh and look up at Sky to see her blushing wildly and I know that I must be doing the same. “So. When were you guys going to tell us about uh... this?” Tony asked smiling.

“Oh yeah! Jaime! Get some!” Mike cheers me on and I feel my cheeks begin to burn to red color.

“Mike! Really?” I say raising my voice slightly but still adding a tone that he would realize that i'm joking.

“Just don't get her pregnant! It's not fun to be pregnant! Trust me!” Jack basically yells at me. We all burst into laughter but it soon dies down.

“But seriously, don't you dare get her pregnant. She's like a sister to me and if you get her pregnant then I will literally chop your dick off.” Tony says and I notice that he doesn't seem to be joking. I give him my word and Sky rests her head on my chest and I smile down at her.

“So what are you guys anyway? Like boyfriend/girlfriend, fuck buddies, or what?” Vic asks. I roll my head back and decide on an answer.

“We aren't dating but I think it's pretty obvious that we like each other. We just don't like each other enough to be in a relationship. Hell, neither of us are ready for a relationship right now anyway.” I sigh and look at Sky as I speak. I play with a strand of her hair and the boys mutter their 'ohs'.

“Ok, well, we're going to get back to our rooms. Zach, looks like you get the couch unless you want to lay beside the love birds. He laughs but agrees to the couch.

All of the band members leave our doorway muttering things, likely to be about Sky and I. Zach goes into the mini room off of our room and Sky and I rotate so our heads are on the pillows. I wrap my arms around her waist and bring her close to me. God, this is perfect. I smile into her hair and kiss her lightly on the lips before whispering to her.

“Goodnight, beautiful.” I notice her smile from ear to ear and get closer as if that's possible.

“Goodnight, Himes.” She says and I feel myself drift away.


Whooh! Update! Sorry it took so long. But Jaime and Sky are finally somewhat together and public so yay! But um. Anywhore. Tell me what you think? Comments>>>>>

Okai. Bye. Love you babes. <3


Okay. I love this. UPDATE SOON PWEEZ!!!

At chapter ten; I almost cried! Like, THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING, JAIME?! aghhhh okay anyways I love this story and imma read the rest now


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i love this so much :D

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It's nice. :)

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