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Maybe we're just having too much fun.

Chapter 3

-Still Jaime's pov-
Sky... I- I love you. More then anything else in the world. I would die for you. You're so beautiful, inside and out. You're perfect and I want to be yours. I want to be with you. Skylie... I am utterly and completely in love with you.” I say grabbing both of her soft hands with mine and stare into her beautiful eyes. She turns away and drops my hands.

I'm sorry Jaime. I just don't feel the same. I'm in love with Tony. And um... this might sound really mean but, why the hell would I love you? I mean, your face and all of that fat. You're worthless Himes. I'm only friends with you because of Tony. I have to go now. So bye Jaime. I might come back if you ever wake your ass up.” She says and starts to walk away. I reach out for her and run but her figure just keeps getting farther away and the words 'wake up' replay softly in my head as her silhouette fades. I keep running and screaming until something pulls me back as she hugs an evil looking Tony.

“Jaime! Wake up!” I hear being yelled at me by someone with an angelic voice. Sky. Of course. My eyes slowly flutter open and I realize how heavy my breathing is and my sweat drenched body is shaking. “Oh my god.. Himes. You scared the shit out of me. Never do that again, ok?” She asks wiping her hand across my apparently tear drenched cheek.

“Um, ok. But uh, what happened? How did I scare you?” I mumble and scootch over on my bed, giving her a place to sit. She occupies the spot my laying where I previously was. I love this. Laying in bed with the love of my life.

“You were screaming so loud.. I just couldn't help but come and check on you. I don't know why no one else is but I heard you all the way from Tony's room and then when I got here.. You were shaking and rolling and crying and sweating and then you wouldn't wake up. I've been in here for almost a half hour trying to wake you up. But you wouldn't. I really don't see why you were so upset and scared and just.. broken. You looked broken. And uh.. I was just wondering if you wanted to talk about it or not.” She said and looked down at her hands. Ugh. I have to get over this girl. It's obvious she's attracted to Tony I mean, she did just admit to being in his room at about 4 in the morning and she was on the couch when we got home at midnight last night. I reminded myself to smile on the outside before speaking.

“It was nothing, to be honest, I hardly remember it” I laughed before speaking again. “Thanks for checking on me though. It means a lot more then you think” I smile and she grabs my hand and stands up forcing me to do the same.

“Come on.” She says and I follow her, not knowing where we're going. We follow the hallway to the stairs and we carefully, but quickly go down them. Turning into the hallway which leads to our front door, she stops me, telling me to put on my shoes. I do as she says but get curious on our destination while slipping them on.

“Um, Sky? Where are we going?” I ask quietly. She looks up for the laces of her black Doc Martens.

“We're going to get breakfast. Duh.” She smiles and I do the same but just as she starts to leave, I notice our attire. I'm just wearing basketball shorts over a pair of boxers. And Sky it looks like she's just wearing one of Tony's shirts over a pair of shorts, most likely wearing a bra with underwear underneath.

“Shouldn't we change first?” I ask. She looks at my body then at her own.

“Oh, uh. Probably." She laughs a little and walks towards Tony's room. I sigh and turn to follow our previous path to mine. Once I go into my room I first go to my in-suite bathroom and take a 5 minute shower. I step out wrapping a towel around my waist. I quickly dry my hair and leave it in it's curly state. I brush my teeth and use the mint mouthwash I have sitting on my counter. When I enter my room, I start towards my dresser and pull out boxers, black skinny jeans, and a t-shirt. After pulling my clothes over my freshly cleaned body, I slip on my flip flops and a beanie and sigh.

'See why she doesn't like you? All of your fat disgusts her and your face is so ugly she can hardly stand to look at you.' The voice in my head tells me as I look in the mirror. I look down before picking my phone up off my mahogany nightstand and slipping it in my pocket. I leave my room trying to ignore the voice in my head that won't stop talking. As I reach the door I decide to go and check to see if Sky's ready. I let the hallway lead me to Tony's room and I knock quietly.

“Just a minute” Skylie said loud enough for me to hear but quiet enough not to wake the sleeping Turtle. A moment later the door opens to Sky. Her long hair is up in a messy bun and she's wearing a pair of skinny jeans with an Of Mice & Men shirt. I look at her feet which are covered with her black Doc Martens.

“You ready?” I ask still looking at her feet. Don't want her to have to look at my ugly face any longer than she has too.

-Skylie's pov-

“You ready?” Jaime asks me directing his eyes towards the floor.

“Yeah..” I trail off and then step over the threshold of Tony's doorway and shut he door to his room. I let my hand find Hime's and I lace our fingers together making him smile that beautiful lopsided smile of his. I give his hand a small squeeze as I open the front door with my free hand. We walk side by side to his Escalade. I smile as he opens the passenger door. I slide in and slowly let go of his hand, soon feeling empty. He walks around to the drivers side and slides into his seat after opening the door.

“So where to beautiful?” He asks and I felt my cheeks heat up. The only guy i've ever been in love with just called me beautiful.

'He calls every girl beautiful. You aren't anything special to him.' The voice in my head reminds me.

“Oh, um. Anywhere works.” I smile and he starts the car.

“How about iHop?” He asks sounding hopeful. I smile knowing how much he loves waffles. I nod and we start for the closest iHop. The ride is silent except the overly auto-tuned pop song playing on the radio.

We arrive at the restaurant and I unfastened my seat belt and open the door, stepping into the nearly empty parking lot. Jaime does the same and walks towards me. We interlock our hands again and begin walking.

“Hello and welcome to iHop. What can I get for you?” The pretty cashier asks. I immediately become extremely insecure and watch Jaime as he tells the girl what he wants. He quickly flirts with her and winks as she begins to loosen up with him and they start laughing. I say nothing as this goes on for about a half hour and I decide that i'm not hungry anymore as tears start to form in my eyes.

“I'll uh. I'll go and pick a table." I mutter and start to walk away. I feel a hand on my arm and turn to see Jaime looking at me happily.

“Can you get us one for three? Jessica gets off in a few minutes and I invited her to have breakfast with us.” He grins as I nod. “Thanks Sky. You're the best.” He says and returns to the counter. I find a table for three in the back and start to cry silently. After about 5 minutes they still aren't back and I decide to leave. I exit through the closest door and remember that Jaime gave me a ride.

“Well. Looks like i'm walking.” I whisper as I check the time to see that is almost 5. I start walking towards the boys' house but soon get stopped by someone I never wanted to see again. Caleb.

“Hey there babe. Where have you been? I've been worried sick about you.” He said sounding extremely genuine for once.

“I've uh. I've been at a friend's house.” I mutter and look at my feet. To my surprise, Caleb just pulls me in for a hug. He wraps his warm arms around my chilly body and I soon notice he's crying.

“What's wrong Caleb?” I ask, pulling a few inches away.

“I'm just so happy you're okay.” He smiles and starts crying again. This time, I hug him. I want to remember who i'm hugging but I can't help but wish it were Hime. I mean, we weren't dating or anything but... but nothing. It's not like he has feelings for me anyway.

“I missed you.” I hear myself say, knowing I didn't mean it.

“I missed you too. Can you please come home? Please Sky, I'm begging you.” He says getting down on one knee. “Please come home.” I sigh.

“Yeah, i'll be home as soon as I can. Ok Caleb?” I ask and help him up. I'm only going back for the pain. All of the pain I deserve.. At least a small portion of the pain I deserve.

“Yes. Oh my god yes!” He starts to cry into my shoulder and I smile.

“Ok, i'm going to go and get my things, I'll be home soon Cale.” I smile and walk away. I feel my phone vibrate when i'm on the sidewalk in front of Tony's I pull my phone out of my pocket and scan over the caller i.d. It was Jaime. I slide the red decline button and walk towards the front door, not paying attention to who's cars are here. I walk in smiling, thinking that Caleb changed. I turn the doorknob only to be immediately pulled into a hug by Jaime. Fuck.


Okay. I love this. UPDATE SOON PWEEZ!!!

At chapter ten; I almost cried! Like, THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING, JAIME?! aghhhh okay anyways I love this story and imma read the rest now


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i love this so much :D

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It's nice. :)

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