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Maybe we're just having too much fun.

Chapter 13

-Jaime's pov-

“Hey, Himes. Who ya watching?” A voice comes from beside me and I jump due to the surprise. I turn from looking at Skylie and Zack on the dance floor to face someone I didn't think i'd ever see again.

“Shelby? Wha..?” I trail off still surprised by the sudden appearance of my date to the senior prom.

“Yep, it's me. Shelbs, as you used to call me. In the flesh.” She smiled that 4.9 star smile that I always used to fall for. Her hair changed from short, blonde and curly, to brunette waves that reached the middle of her back. I have to admit, she looked a lot better now. And I mean a lot. “So you have a girl out there or something?” She asks leaning against the bar beside me.

“Nah..” I trail off not wanting to talk.

“Well. Since we didn't get to dance very much at prom how about you and I,” She pauses and grabs my hand before gesturing to the dance floor. “go and dance?” I just nod and let her drag me to the area.

By now, i've drank at least 3 beers so I just dance with Shelbs and let me tell you, it was pretty sexual. But I let it happen any way. I run my hands down the sides of her little black, slim fitting dress and nuzzle into her neck as our hips move together at the rhythm of the song. After I don't even know how long, I take Shelby back to the bar and we order another round.

“Jaime? Hey man, who's the chick?” I hear from behind me and I turn to see a very curious Tony.

“This is Shelby Myers. Remember, I went to prom with her.” I shout loud enough for Tone to hear me over than music that's blaring through the speakers.

His faced dropped and someone came up from behind him and tapped his shoulder. I looked around him to see that it was Sky looking teary eyed. I immediately become concerned but hide it due to the fact that Shelby was right next to me.

“I'm going home, i'll see you guys in the morning.” I hear her broken voice say and I know that she needs someone to be there with her.

“Actually, Shelbs and I were just about to leave too.” I smile softly and link my arms with both Shelby and Sky before leading them out of the club with Tony close behind. After we're out of the club I unlink myself from Sky and she walks slower for Tone to catch up to her and he does.

We're only about halfway there and Shelby stops dead in her tracks. “This is my stop guys.” She says and turns to the three story house. I look at her confused but she doesn't explain anything, she just kisses my cheek lightly before walking up the pathway and going inside. I shake my head roughly, not understanding what just happened.

“Tone, please?” I hear Sky say softly from about 10 feet behind me.

“No, we're almost there. Your feet can not hurt that much.” He say's being stubborn as per usual.

“It's only one piggy back ride Tony.” She whines and I smile remembering how much she loves them.

“Sky, come here.” I laugh and crouch down and Sky comes to me and gets onto my back but not before hesitating.

“Thanks, Jaime.” I hear her murmur and I smile just because of how my name rolls off her tongue so perfectly.

“No problem.” I say and we continue walking for another half hour before reaching the bus area.

“Wow, you really love her don't you?” Tony asks and I turn my head the slightest to see Sky sleeping.

“More than anything else.” I sigh as Tony unlocks the bus and we get on. “You want her in your bunk?” I ask knowing how hard it is for her to get to sleep alone.

“Nah, I think you can handle her for one night.” Tony winks and I just chuckle lightly before putting Sam down lightly in my bunk and remove the heels from her feet. I grab some pajamas from her bunk drawer and put them on her after removing her dress. I strip down to only my boxers before climbing in behind her and cuddling into her.

“Did it work?” I hear her mutter.

“Did what work?” I say running my fingers through a strand of her hair.

“Were you jealous?” She says and I feel surprisingly ok with the fact that she was with Zack just to make me jealous.

“Extremely.” I mumble into her ear and she smiles.

“Good.” She says and drifts off to sleep, taking me with her.

-Skylies pov-
-the next morning-
I slowly raise my eyelids as I wake up to Jaime shifting beside me and I smile. Soon, it fades when I remember what Zack did last night.


Hey babe, i'm just going to go to the restroom real quick.” Zack says near the end of a song and I just nod.

[about a half hour later]
Hey Mike, can you go and see if Zack's in the bathroom? He's been gone for a while.” I ask when I find the young Fuentes.

Mike looks over my shoulder and makes a face of sympathy and anger. I turn to see Zack with not just 1 girl, but 2. I feel tears form in my eyes and Mike turns me back to face him. “Go and find Tony. I think he's by the bar. I'll go and... talk... to Zack.” Mike says and I listen not having enough emotional strength to fight back. I was actually starting to fall for him. Starting to get over Jaime. And then this.

I tap a body that looks like it belongs to Tony and I find out that i'm right a few moments later. In front of him is Jaime. With a girl. And not just any girl, it's Shelby.
-End of flashback-

I see that Jaime's still sleeping so I rise form the small bunk as carefully as I can. I head towards the kitchen area to find the only people awake are Vic and I. I wave good morning and put some bread into the toaster before pushing the lever down.

“So what's today's schedule?” I ask.

“Well since it's just another local concert we just have preparation and practice at 3:30, break at 4:45 and then the concert is at 5:30. We should get back to the bus at about 8- 9ish.” He says with a yawn.

“Awesome.” I say and then my toast pops up. After breakfast, the other boys are up.

“We actually need a new merch girl! Would you be up for that?” Jaime says into his phone with a huge smile. “Great, i'll ask the guys and then i'll call you back ok?” Ok, you too.” He says a hangs up with a happy sigh.

“Who was that?” Mike asks from the mini fridge.

“You guys all remember Shelby right?” We all nod and say our yeses. “Well she needs a job.. And we need a new merch person so I told her she could have the job if it's ok with you guys. So please guys. Can she?” He asks and I smile. Not because it represents my feelings, but because I am never letting anyone know how I feel anymore. Absolutely no one. But on the inside, I feel like this is a terrible idea. But he wants it. It will make him happy. So my answers a yes. I nodded, not trusting my voice although I was smiling. I notice the others contemplating and they all say yes except Tony but majority rules so in simpler terms; We have a new merch girl.

“Yay, ok. I'll call her and have her pack things and then I'll go and help her get moved into our assistant bus. Thanks guys.” He smiled and left towards the bunks. Our assistant bus is the one with all of our instrument techs, merch person, ect.

“Why'd you say no?” I hear Mike ask Tony.

“I don't know. I just have this really bad feeling about her in the pit of my stomach.” He says and shakes his head a little. “Something about all of this just doesn't feel right.” He says and I sigh lightly enough to wear no one notices.

“Well I think i'm going to go get changed and for a walk. Anyone want to come with?” They all said no except Jaime. He stuck his head out of the bunk area and nodded, still on the phone. I gave him a thumbs up as an ok sign and walked passed him. I grabbed everything I needed out of my bunk and went into the miniscule bathroom to get ready.


I updated it guys! So my laptop was literately broken in half because one of the kids i babysit but anywhore. I updated and am starting the next 2 chapters right now so those should be up soon. Major drama next chapter btw. Love you babes. <3


Okay. I love this. UPDATE SOON PWEEZ!!!

At chapter ten; I almost cried! Like, THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING, JAIME?! aghhhh okay anyways I love this story and imma read the rest now


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i love this so much :D

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It's nice. :)

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