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Maybe we're just having too much fun.

Chapter 12

-Skylie's pov-
“Hey Tone. Can I talk to you?" I ask cautiously as I walk into the back lounge where he's playing his new FIFA game.

"Just a sec." He says not taking his eyes off of the screen. I nod and start to tear up as I review my conversation with Jaime from early this morning. I go to sit beside Tony as he finishes up his game. After he sets the controller on the table I hug him as tight as I can as I cry into his bare tattooed chest. "What's wrong beautiful?" He asks then tense a few seconds later without me replying. "Did Jaime hurt you again?" He says trying to stay calm but I hear the anger dripping from his voice.

"No, he didn't do anything. But what does a guy mean when he says that he just wants to be friends for a while?" I ask as my tears come to a slow stop.

"Well, it could mean one of three things. One, he could just not like you like that. Two, he could be interested in someone else. Or three, he's scared to lose you." He says and brings me onto his lap like he always used to in high school when I was sad. "And personally i'm guessing that it's the last one." He smiles down at me.


"Well do you remember senior prom?" I nod.


"Hey babe, can I talk to you?" David, my boyfriend at the time, asked me and I nodded while I smiled widely. I followed him outside into the rain, leaving Tone and Jaime inside with their dates. He leads me to his car, holding an umbrella over us the entire time and I begin to smile even wider remember that the first time we had sex together was in his backseat (How romantic, I know). He stops me a foot away by turning to me and bluntly saying "We're over. Ok, I can't be with someone who has scars all up and down their wrists and weighs a couple tons. I'm really sorry. It's just too bad for my image. I hope we can still be friends though." He says before turning to his car and folding up his umbrella. I began to sob when he said "I have to go now. Bye." He turned on his car and drove away leaving me crying in the pouring rain in my prom dress in the parking lot.

I fall to my knees and cry into my hands not caring about prom anymore. "Sky? Skylie?! Is that you?" I hear someone call out to me and I try to clean myself up as I hear fast footsteps running towards me. I look up to see Jaime in the process of crouching down in front of me, soaking wet. "Sky, what's wrong?" He asks soflty and I collapse into tears and fall into his arms. He hugs me back tightly and rubs my back, rocking me back and forth as I cry into his neck. We stay like that for a few minutes before he picks me up bridal style and carries me away to his car. He sits me in the passenger seat and closes the door for me before basically running around the hood of the car and into the drivers seat.

My house work? I have ice cream.” He says and I give him a small smile while nodding. He starts the car and we begin to head towards his house. “So he was saying those things to you, not someone else?” He asks and I nod before realizing exactly what he said.

You heard?” I ask softly. He nods slowly. “Oh, uhm. Yeah..” I trail off and look away not wanting the sympathy of my crush. I notice that we're on the street that his house is located on and I take my phone out of my top, yes, I put it there since I didn't bring a purse. I look to see 5 missed calls and 6 texts all from Tony. I sigh and Jamie chuckles.

Don't worry, i'll call him while you're changing.” He smiles and I feel his hand brush mine as we pul into his driveway, soon into his garage. He gets out and runs to my side as I unbuckle my seat belt. I laugh as he opens my door like a true gentleman. I step out once the door is ajar and I follow him through the door that leads to his kitchen. Then we go up to his room and he rummages through the drawers of his black dresser and I try to unzip my dress but fail. “Here you go.” He says and hands me a clean pair of boxers and an old Pantera tee. I thank him and he heads towards the door but I stop him.

Hey, Himes, cold you uh. Could you unzip the back of my dress? I can't reach it.” I chuckle slightly.

Of course.” He says sounding partially serious. I feel his soft hands rub against m back as he unzips my dress and I can't help but shiver a little. His cool breath hits my neck and I notice that his breath hitches a little by the time he's done unzipping it.

Thanks.” I say quietly and hold my dress up.

No problem and Sky? You looked absolutely beautiful tonight. David was a lucky guy.” He says and I turn to see him with glassy eyes but a smile.

You look rather handsome yourself Jaime.” I smile back and think of him and his date, Shelby. “Shelby was just as lucky.” He chuckles before leaving to call Tone. I slip off the giant piece of the red fabric and step out of it before getting dressed into the tee and boxers.I sit down on his bed and feel a block of material beside my leg. I look and see that it's a camera and of course my curiosity takes over and I proceed to look at the pictures know that Jaime wouldn't mind. The first 20 pictures are the prom pictures are the pictures that Mami, Jaime's mom, took a few hours ago. I keep scrolling through the pictures of the 6 of us and smile at the ones of just Jaime, Tony, and I. After the prom pictures there are a few random pictures and then I see a picture of Jaime giving me a piggy back ride. Our smiles were so genuine it's crazy.

That one is my favorite.” I hear Jaime speak and I around to see Jaime still in his prom attire. He takes off his jacket and does the same with everything else he's wearing with the exception of his boxers. Yeah, we're pretty close.

Really?” I ask and smile at him.

Yep, now come one, I have ice cream and the 'Lucky One' ready for us to watch.” I grin widely, not just because I love ice cream and the 'Lucky One' is my favorite movie but also because the favorite picture on his camera is one of him and I. I let him grab my hand and he leads me downstairs.

I've watched this movie about 400 times and I still don't know how to feel about this.” I say to myself as Jaime turns off the tv and grabs a throw blanket.

Stargazing?” I ask and follow him. Stargazing is one of the only things that calm me down and of course Jaime knows.

What else?” He grins widely at me and I follow him up into his room and we crawl out of his window onto the roof. He lays down the blanket and before I know it we're laying there side by side just staring up at the stars. I feel my eyes become heavy and I soon fall asleep in my crushes arms, watching the stars.
*End of Flashback*

“Yeah, I remember.” I grin before continuing. “Why?”

“A while after you fell asleep, I came over. And Jaime was moving you from the roof back to the bed. And he told me something that night. He told me that he loved you and he was going to tell you someday. But then once we started the band he got caught up in everyone else that liked him. But he still thought of you as the perfect girl. He even called you the love of his life once when he was carrying you home from the club because you were too drunk to walk. But after that he decided that he needed to get over you so that's why he slept around all the time with the band whores. But he really loves you. I know because he looks at you the same way you look at him. And if that doesn't say anything, he does have that picture of him giving you a piggyback ride and he takes it with him to ever show. He takes it with him almost everywhere.” Tony finishes and I sigh.

“So what do I do?” I ask needing advice.

“I would try to make him jealous. We are going to another club tonight you know.” Tony winks and looks down at the screen of his phone. “Sorry but I uh, gotta go. Mike needs my help with some stuff.” He grins and I laugh before waving goodbye at him and deciding to make Jaime jealous immediately by video calling Zack but first, I change into a slightly cropped top and some yoga shorts.

I press the button to call and he picks up almost immediately. “Hey Zack!” I say from my spot on the couch across for Jaime.

“Hey Sky, what's up?” Zack replies and I smile.

“Not much, I was just wondering if you're going to the club with us tonight.”

“Well that depends, are you going to be there?” He smirks and winks which makes me giggle.

“Of course. And if you're going then i'll make sure that I wear something special for you.” I wink jokingly but I notice him move his laptop closer to him. “Oh don't hide.” I giggle and he tells me to shut up. “Anyway, so are you going to be there?”

“Wouldn't miss it for the world.” He smirks.

“Yay! Ok. I'll see you there but i'm going to let you go now so you can fix your little um. Problem.” I smile and wave as we say our goodbyes before shutting my laptop and pushing it to the side.

“Hey, Himes? Do you remember prom?” I ask after a few moments of an awkward silence.

I notice him tense up before smiling. “Yeah. Of course I do. That was the night I ditched my date because you lost yours. And then we were up until what 4 in the morning stargazing.” He chuckles. “Yeah, those were the days.”

“Yeah they were.” I trail off. “We should do that again sometime.” I smile and Jaime nods.


So I hate myself atm. I haven't updated in soo long but I haven't had a charger for my laptop so I had to order a new one and wait for it to get here and i'm just really sorry guys. I'll try and add another chapter later today too bc it's been so long ok. Sorry everyone. I love you doe. <3


Okay. I love this. UPDATE SOON PWEEZ!!!

At chapter ten; I almost cried! Like, THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING, JAIME?! aghhhh okay anyways I love this story and imma read the rest now


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i love this so much :D

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It's nice. :)

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