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Maybe we're just having too much fun.

Chapter 10

-Sky's pov-
“Jaime, hurry up! We go on in 3 minutes!” Vic yelled. Jaime and I were hugging before the first concert of the tour and I guess you could say it's been a while since we've been void of each other's arms. Like about 10 minutes. I feel him pull away a small amount and plant a kiss to my forehead.
“I gotta go. Stay on side stage though.” He smiled at me and pecked my lips before heading towards the instruments stocked by the stage. He picked up one of the basses and checked it over skillfully and I just watched him fondle the instrument, falling more in love with him by the second. A crew member called out that they were down to one minute prep time. I watch the quick routine the boys do and observe the smiles on their faces making myself smile as well.
The same member that gave the one minute warning, told the boys to begin to walk no stage and they do but right before they entered the fans view, Jaime turned to me and I gave him two thumbs up and he winked as he went to his position on the stage.
I stand on side stage the entire concert, singing along to every song and watching Jaime preform the way he does. I turn my attention to Tony ever so often because I mean, hey. He's my best friend. As their final song comes to an end Jaime and Tony exchange a look before meeting at the mic with Vic. Mike stands and walk away from his set of drums to join the other musicians and before they come back to me, they say their goodbyes to the crowd letting them know that they're going to start broadcasting live within the next month or so and the crowd goes wild as the boys bow. They straighten and come back to the side of the stage I am located on and I look up at the high ceiling of the arena and back down at the wooden stage. Then as I look towards the fans, I am enclosed in a very small circle of sweaty men. I feel for one chest to stick to so I don't get knocked around and I grab onto someone's shirt, not caring who's it I at the moment.
The air around me is soon reverted back to the lukewarm temperature and I look up to see that I grabbed Tony's shirt. I look back to see Vic and Mike with apologetic looks on their faces. I look around them and behind me to see if my spiky haired friend is with them but Jaime's not there.
“Um guys. Where's Hime-Time?” I ask carefully. The boys exchange looks and I hear Tony let out a heavy sigh before speaking.
“Look at the other side stage.” He says quietly and I slowly turn myself around to see across the wooden boarded stage. I squint my eyes and I catch sight of Jaime. But I really wish I hadn't. He was there... with Jessica.. and he was kissing her. Not just like a peck on the cheek but a full on kiss. I feel tears come to my eyes.
'Don't cry. Don't you dare cry. At least not in front of the guys. Don't show them how weak you are. That's probably why he went with Jessica anyway. Because he thinks you're weak. He thinks you're worthless. He got what he wanted from you and now he's moving on. You were nothing to him. Don't cry though. You two weren't even dating for fuck's sake. And you thought you meant something to him. Stupid girl.' The voice inside my head reminds me and I sniffle back the tears that nearly fell.
I turn back to the guys and successfully act like nothing's wrong. “Well, seems like he's a little busy.” I chuckle lightly before adding. “We should probably go and let him be.” I smile and play it off like I was joking as I lead the guys towards the exit.
“So you're ok with that?” Mike asks me as I push the door.
'No.' I think. “Yeah, why wouldn't I be? It's not like we were dating.” My heart breaks a little as I lie to the boys.
“Oh. Well we just thought that... that what happened at the hotel... and earlier on the bus. I don't know. We just thought that well. We thought that you guys were you know. Together.” Tony says hesitantly. I feel my throat begin to tighten but I force it to loosen.
“Eh. They were no big deal.” I lie again as I slow my pace basically forcing the boys to be a few steps ahead of me.
“Jaime thought they were.” I heard Vic mumble and I resist the urge to cry or smile by keeping a straight face, pretending like I didn't hear him say anything.
As we near the bus that belongs to All Time Low I can hear music playing and I can tell that the party has already started. I'm so not in the mood to party. “Hey guys, i'm just going to go back to our bus. I'm really tired.” I tell the boys. They nod obviously understanding that i'm not really tired. I open my mouth to tell them that i'll catch them later when the voice calls out to us.
“Hey guys! Wait up! I want you to meet someone!” Oh that voice. I hold back tears but Tony notices and wraps an arm around my shoulder protectively. He kisses the top of my head and I pull myself together.
“Hey Himes.” I say softly but loud enough for Jaime to hear. He looks at me for the first time and I look of hate, regret, and sadness all cross his face. He knows I saw.
“H- hi.” He stutters out before regaining his composure and continuing with his previous statement. “Oh, um. Vic, Mike. This is Jessica. Jessica, this is my family. Mike, Vic, and Tony.” I feel my heart fall when I realize that my name is not to be mentioned. “Of course you already know Sky and Tony.” He flashes her one of his famous Preciado grins but I notice that there's a touch of sadness to it. “So now that that's over, who's ready to party?” He says and raises his fist.
“I'm actually going to go back to the bus. I'm pretty tired.” I say softly and I see a spark of worry in Jaime's eyes. “I'll see you guys in the morning.” I mutter before turning and beginning my walk back to the bus.
“You're just not good enough.” I mutter to myself as I walk to the bus.I turn the knob of the door and walk onto the vehicle. I make my way to my bunk and lift my body onto the surface before crying myself to sleep wishing nothing more than to simply die.
-Jaime's pov-
“I'm actually going back to the bus. I'm pretty tired.” I hear the broken voice say and I immediately become worried. I add my worry and guilt together before trying to push it out of my mind. “I'll see you guys in the morning.” She mutters and walks away.
“Well, let's go party!” I say trying to cover up my true feelings which seems to work because I feel Tony's eyes shoot me a glare.
We walk onto the bus and I begin dancing with my new girlfriend, also known as Jess. Yes, she's my girlfriend. No, I don't love her. hell, I don't even really like her. I try to let the dancing consume me but I simply can't stop thinking about Skylie.
“Jaime! Can you come here for a sec?” I hear someone call to me. I turn from Jessica and see that Tony is the one that called for me. I give a slight nod before turning to Jessica.
“I'll be right back.” I whisper close to her ear. She mumbles an ok and I travel through the crowd of sweaty bodies until I reach Tony. “What'd you need?” I ask raising my voice enough for him to hear me.
“Outside. Now.” He says and I gulp before obeying. I open the door to the bus and walk out into the chilly October night. Tony follows and closes the door before turning back to me.

“Can you go back to the bus and you know.. check on her?” I asks before he can say anything. Immediately I notice how soft and concerned his face has become.
“Well listen here asshole. Normally, I wouldn't but considering you just broke my best friends heart, I will. Only after you listen to what I have to say.” He says and I nod slowly muttering an ok. “That girl hasn't done a single fucking thing wrong. You have. And I can't believe that you would ever pull any of that shit. And I don't know why you did it. I really don't care. But you need to get yourself together, Preciado. And never. Ever. Break another girl's heart. I don't know how it feels obviously but it fucking kills to see my best friend like that. This is how the other best friends would feel to and that's not ok. So please, just don't fucking do it.” I nod as Tony scoffs at me before he walks towards the bus on the other side of the lot. I let one tear fall as I come to the conclusion that I might have just lost Skylie.


So I redid the ending of this chapter because I just didn't like the other one very much so my apologies. It's just a little different and a little longer and so yeah. Next update should be before Friday! I love you babes <3


Okay. I love this. UPDATE SOON PWEEZ!!!

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