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This Love Was Accidental


In a small Christian town, population 306, everyone knows everyone. Rumors spread fast, nothing is secret.

This story is about 16 year old Bonnie Clarke. The daughter of Derrik Clarke, the towns father.

Ever since Bonnie was little, she's questioned everything, but stays true to what is shoved in her face. She never knew her mother, and stories float around about her. The way she died and who she was. Her fathers and elders in the town reassure Bonnie it's nothing, that none of them are true.

Bonnie doesn't have any friends, and is picked on by everyone at school. Well one, only one. She shouldn't be friends with him though, she has strict rules not to talk to him, look at him, or even think of him. But everyday after school, she finds her self running down the long dirt path, to a dry meadow to meet up with Tony.

Tony Perry. The tattooed rocker, who skips church and smokes. The bad ass every girl in school swoons over, and every adult shuns. No one is allowed around Tony, for he sins to much, so he is alone too.

Tony turns into Bonnie's mind, and gives her answer to all the questions no one else will answer.

When her father starts finding Bonnie changing, he gets curios, and followers her down the path one day. What will happen when he sees the two together?


Bonnie Clarke

Bonnie Clarke

Tony Perry

Tony Perry



I just started reading it and its so good u really need to update

jess01 jess01
Please update!
Jennyphernelia Jennyphernelia
Duuuude. Update. Like, now.
id like to read more this is really good so far. z:)
loveunderthegun loveunderthegun
This is really good so far (:
Austincarlily Austincarlily