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The Best There Ever Was

Chapter 5: Ariana's POV

Our drinking game was over, it was fun especially with some of the questions that had been asked. I looked around the room to see that Mike and Vic were both passed out on the couch, while Tony was somewhat asleep. I looked to see where Daniella was, but she nor Jaime were nowhere to be found. I sighed to myself and thought I should sober up, so I could drive us home safely.

I looked around and saw that the living room was littered with beer cans, shot glasses, and bottles of whiskey. I got up and began cleaning up the mess, moving around and doing other stuff helps me sober up pretty quickly. As I was putting the beer cans in the trash bag, I felt someone’s hand grabbed my wrist gently, making me stop picking up the trash.

“You don’t have to clean up you know. The guys and I will get it tomorrow,” Tony said.

I smiled and turned to face him, “It’s okay, I need to sober up so I can drive Daniella and myself back to our condo.” I said and tried to finish picking up the trash.

“You girls are more than welcome to stay here you know. In fact, I rather that you two do stay the night...you know to stay on the safe side.” He said looking down.

I thought about it for a few seconds and shrugged, why not. “Okay I’ll stay, but on one condition though” I said and he nodded for me to continue, “You’ll let me finish cleaning up the trash in here” I said with a smile.

He chuckled and just shook his head, “So I won’t be able talk you out of cleaning, will I? He asked and I shook my head, “Well then I’ll help you clean and then we can head up to my room.” I agreed and finished cleaning up the trash that we all had left on the floor.

Once we had finished cleaning up, Tony grabbed my hand and led me up the stairs to his room. Surprisingly, it was pretty clean for a guy. He sat me down on his bed and went to look in his closet for clothes that I could sleep in. I looked around his room and noticed a lot of Star Wars related items and couldn’t help but smile to myself, because it reminded me of my room at home. Tony set down a pair of basketball shorts and a black Key Street tank top beside me. I smiled and thanked him before he headed to the bathroom to change into his sleepwear.

I stripped out of my clothes, except I kept on my undergarments, and I changed into the clothes that Tony is letting me wear for tonight. After that, I brushed my hair into a pony tail before looking around the room, admiring it more. I noticed that there were two guitars and an amp next to his CD collection. I remember Tony saying that he and the guys were in a band together called Pierce the...I don’t, I have to ask them again, but I’m guessing that he plays guitar. I have to admit, his guitars looked really cool. One was black with green ooze looking splatter and the other was the opposite.
The door opened and I turned around to see that Tony was dressed in almost the same as me. He smiled softly and walked over to me.

“You like my guitars?” He asked and I smiled and nodded.

“Do you play guitar for your band...uh whats the name again?” I asked, looking down.

“Pierce the Veil,” he smiled more, “And yes I play the guitar.”

I smiled back as I could tell he gets excited about him playing guitar or about the band. Although, I couldn’t help think why the name of the band sounded so similar.

“Do you think I can hear some of the bands material?” I asked him and his eyes lit up with a smile.

Tony grabbed his laptop and sat on the edge of his bed and I sat beside him. He loaded up the computer and opened up iTunes. Facing me he smiled, “Which album do you want to hear first?” He asked and I looked at him.

“How many do you have?” I asked, genuinely curious.

“We have three, our third album came out last year” He smiled again, I could tell he was proud.

“Wow, you guys must be very successful,” I say and he nodded.

“We are, but if it wasn’t for the fans...we wouldn’t even be where we are now. We really love our fans and can’t thank them for their support. They tell us all the time that we save their lives and we feel like it’s our duty to keep writing music.”

I listened to him as he expressed how the band and the fans are important to him. I smiled because I could tell how happy he is when it came to his job.

“So which album do you want to hear first?” He asked genuinely. I shrugged but smiled.

“I don’t know, surprise me” I said and he smiled clicking on one of the album and chose a song randomly.

The song started to play with a guitar intro and then someone screaming “Where you from foo'?!” and I began to laugh. Tony smiled and we both relaxed, leaning against the headboard of his bed as we listened to more of his band’s music.

“So tell me, what do you do?” He stated, facing me with a small smile. I returned the smile and tapped his nose with my finger, making him scrunch it. I laughed and shake my head, smiling more.
“Well I’m a dancer/choreographer. I teach a dance class to hip hop and Korean Pop music, and I am in a dance group that dances to Korean pop” I said, smiling the whole time. Dancing is my life, just like Music is his.

“That’s awesome, you’ll have to show me some of your moves,” Tony said then yawned, which made me yawn as well.

“Of course. I can show you tomorrow if you like,” I suggested and he nodded. I yawned again, being somewhat drunk makes me tired. I was about to get up from the bed, but Tony stopped me.

“You don’t have to leave the room...we can share the bed...and I promise I won’t do anything” He said softly, looking down. I bit my lip nodded, getting back in the bed. Tony laid on his back with his hands behind his head and I laid on my side, my back facing him sort of. I’ll have to admit though, it’s hard for me sleep...I’m a cuddler, but I didn’t want to scare him off if I were to ask him.

I sighed and laid on my back. I looked over to see that Tony was still awake too. I bit my lip and decided to ask him anyway.

“I hope I don’t scare you off by asking this...but do you mind if I cuddle,” I say, closing my eyes just incase he rejects but instead he chuckles.

“I was about to ask the same...I’m a cuddler,” He said and I smiled, “So in that case, come here.”

I moved closer to him and placed my head on his chest while he draped both of his arms around my waist. I looked up at him slightly and smiled, “Goodnight Tony” I mumbled before closing my eyes.

“Night Ariana...sleep well” he said and began humming softly as we both began to fall asleep.


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