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The Best There Ever Was

Chapter 3: Ariana's POV

Daniella and I were up this morning getting ready to hang out with Vic, Mike, Jaime, and Tony...the four boys we met yesterday at the beach. I found it amusing that we both met two cute guys that were friends...well I thought Tony was cute. Daniella kept denying that she found Jaime attractive, but I knew that was a damn lie.

Anywho, I was in my room trying to figure out what to wear for today. I looked in my closet and decided to wear camo shorts, my ripped fishnet leggins, my black tank with a Star Wars clone trooper helmet on it, my black lace up boots that went a little above my ankle, and I changed my plugs to tunnels. I grabbed my hair products and sat in front of the mirror figuring how I want to do my hair. I decided to leave my hair curly and put it in a ponytail, leaving my bangs out to straighten them. Once I was done with my hair, I applied some makeup on, giving me the neutral look with some eyeliner, before heading to the kitchen.

Daniella was already in the kitchen pouring us some strawberry and banana smoothie into two glasses. I smiled, because she makes the best smoothies ever and she knew that.

“You do know that you are seriously the bestest friend in the world right now,” I said as I sat down on the bar stool.

She laughed and faced me to hand me my glass, “I know I am. Why else would I be here with you?” She smiled and then looked at my shirt before rolling her eyes playfully at me. “Nerd.”

I laughed, “Whatever, you’re just jealous how cool this nerd is” I said pointing to myself as I took a sip of my smoothie.

“Keep telling yourself that. You better hope that Tony likes your nerdy self,” She joked.

“I’m sure he does,” I said, remembering that he had a Padawan braid as I played with mine.

“What about Jaime? I know you think he’s attractive,” I said and she shook her head.

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” She said.

This time, it was my turn to roll my eyes. “Okay whatever you say,” I said and winked. I felt my phone began to vibrate against my leg. I dug it out of my pocket and saw that I had received a message from Mike. I opened the message and read it.

You should come over like now. I’m bored...well we all are...so hurry please ;)

I laughed and replied to his text, Mike was funny dude and was such a flirt too.

I’m about to leave. I’ll be there in 30 minutes, try to be patient I wrote back and stuff my phone back into my pocket.

“Mike just texted me, so we should head out soon,” I said and went to put our glasses in the dishwasher before grabbing my bag and keys to my car. Daniella got up from her seat and grabbed her bag, then followed me to the car, getting into the car. I put the key in the ignition and started it, before heading out on the road to visit four boys we met yesterday.


I pulled up into Mike and Vic’s driveway and to park the car before turning it off. Daniella and I got out the car and we walked up to their door. I put my aviators on top of my head and rang the doorbell waiting nervously. A few seconds later, the front door opened to reveal the Fuentes brothers.

“Hey darlings! Glad you two are here,” Vic greeted us with his charming smile. Mike gave us a nod with a smirk.

We smiled and greeted the brothers back. Vic stepped aside and pulled the door back further so that Daniella and I could step inside their home. They led us to their living room, where there were two couches and two recliners, and xbox 360 system hooked up to the plasma tv. I sat down on the couch next to Mike and Daniella did the same with Vic. I noticed that Tony nor Jaime were here, I was about to ask but Vic spoke.

“Jaime and Tony should be on their way over. They stopped by the store to bring some drinks over.” Vic informed us, like he just read my mind. I nodded and we continued to talk until the front door opened, revealing Tony and Jaime holding a few bags each filled with a variety of alcohol.

Jaime and Tony walked inside “Hey guys,” both Daniella and I greeted them. Jaime ran up to us and hugged both of us, but held onto Daniella. Tony smiled and waved at us, I got up and walked over to him and to give him a hug. I’m more of a hugger when I greet my friends.

Tony pulled me back and noticed my shirt and his eyes widened. “Is that a Storm Trooper on your shirt?” He asked and I nodded.

I showed him my Star Wars tattoo that was on my knuckles, and a few other Star Wars related tattoos on my arm. He smiled and showed me his Star Wars tattoos. He also had the same Star Wars tattoo on knuckles which I thought it was so cool that we both had the same tattoo.

“You’re the coolest person ever now!” He stated and I laughed then faced Daniella.
“Told you I’m a cool nerd, now apologize bitch!” I laughed and she rolled her eyes and said that I was cool in a sarcastic tone.

“What? I thought you two didn’t know each other and just met yesterday,” Vic said confused and the guys looked at us both with the same confused look that Vic had.

We both laughed, “Yeah we know each other. This whore is my best friend....we’ve known each other for fucking ages,” Daniella said and I nodded.

“Yeah, she’s my main squeeze” I said and laid down across the couch with my legs laying on top of her lap.

“You girls sure had us fooled pretending that you two just met for the first time yesterday” Mike said and brought the liquor, that Tony and Jaime bought, to the table.

“Is that’s why you guys teamed up together when we played soccer? You two knew that you were good playing together! Fuck I’ve should have joined your team! Why did Mike have to be the lucky one?” Jaime said and Daniella and I laughed. Tony just smiled and chuckled softly. I could tell he was on the shy side, which was cute.

“Do you girls drink?” Mike asked and we nodded. He smiled and gave both of us a can of beer and then opened his can of beer, “Good.”

Daniella and I opened our can of beer as well as everyone else did and we all drank, talked about random shit until Mike had a bright idea.

“Let’s play a game,” he mentioned and the guys groaned

“No Mike! We know how you are,” Vic said and Mike rolled his eyes.

“Calm down Vic, it’s not going to be that bad.” He said and took another swig from his beer.

“What do you have in mind?” I asked him and he smirked.

“Let’s play Never Have I Ever. It would be a great way for you ladies to get to know us and vice versa,” he suggested and both Daniella and I nodded seeing nothing wrong with the idea, “But let’s make it interesting shall we.” He smirked and we waited for him to say something. “For every time someone puts their fingers down, they have to take a shot. And whoever loses has to take five shots. But when we play, none of us can asked biased questions like “Never have I ever had a period or Never have I ever been hit in the balls ” We all nodded and agreed to the new rules.

“Let’s start then, you go first Mike” Vic said and nodded at Mike, knowing that he can come up with a few good questions.

Mike nodded and smirked lightly “Never have I ever....”


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