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The Best There Ever Was

Chapter 1: Ariana's POV

I woke up to my phone ringing...I must have forgotten to turn off my alarm last night after Daniella and I had arrived to San Diego. Sighing to myself, I sat up and quickly stretched for a moment before reaching for my phone. I opened my eyes to look at my phone and I realized that it wasn’t my alarm, it was my mother calling me.

“Hola mamá” I greeted.
“Buenos días mija. ¿Está en San Diego?
“Si mama, esta en San Diego”
“¡Buena! Sólo quería comprobar en usted y ver si mi bebé está bien. Divertirse durante sus vacaciones! ¡Te amo!”
“¡Lo haré! También te amo mamá!”

I ended the call and sat my phone on the end table. I really need to change my incoming call ringtone. I look over at the time to see that it was almost 9 o’clock. There was no use for me to going back to sleep now that I am awake. I got up from my bed and went to the kitchen in the condo that Daniella and I are staying in for our vacation. I needed coffee in my system so I could be fully awake. I set up the coffee maker and poured in the ground coffee into it and pressed the brew button, then left it alone. While I was letting the coffee maker do it’s thing, I powered up my macbook and looked for the closest beach in San Diego.

“You’re up? Why are you up after all that driving we did?” Daniella asked as she walked from her room to the kitchen.

“Mum called me this morning and now I can’t go back to sleep...so now I’m making coffee” I said and went to the cabinet to grab two coffee cups and two saucers to place our cups on.

“Ah I see,” she said and nodded as I offered to pour her coffee into her cup, “So what are the plans for today?”

I shrugged and pour creamer and sugar into my cup, “I don’t know, I was thinking about going to the beach today. The weather screams beach day.” I said and took a sip of my hot coffee.

“I’m totally down for a beach day. I want to start working on my tan,” She said and waited for her coffee to cool down.

“Yeah me too, since the weather at home hasn’t been too great for tanning,” I mentioned as I continued to look for a beach that was close to the condo.

“God knows you need one, you’re the palest Mexican I know” Daniella teased to which I gave her the finger.

“You know I’m part Mexican, I get my paleness from the Korean side,” I rolled my eyes but smiled nonetheless.

“Yeah, yeah. Blame it on your Korean relatives,” She joked and pushed my shoulder playfully, “Find a beach for us to try out?”

I looked up from my Macbook and nodded, “Yeah Pacific Beach which is about 15 minutes away and it has a Boardwalk” I said and finished my coffee.

She nodded and smiled, “Sound good to me. Let’s get ready then.”

I nodded and began putting cleaning our dishes. We agreed that we were going to leave at noon so that gave me a good hour and a half to get ready.

I decided to take a nice hot shower so I can feel fresh after driving for more than a day just to get to San Diego. I ran the water in my shower and went to the linen closet to get a towel and washcloth before heading back to the bathroom to strip out of my pajamas and jump into to the nice, steamy hot shower.

After spending about thirty minutes in the shower, I got out and dried myself then wrapped the towel across my body and wrapped my hair in another towel. I walked back to my room after brushing my teeth and to pick out a cute bikini and an outfit to wear for today. Spending ten minutes looking, I decided on wearing my grey anchor tank, jeans shorts, and my gray flip flops over my blue leopard bikini. I went to my dresser to apply my makeup which I chose to wear a neutral smokey eyeshadow look with light eyeliner, light mascara, and nude lipstick. I decided to let my hair air dry to keep the natural crinkly look, since there was no point in straightening my hair. Once I was done getting ready, I grabbed my beach stuff, an extra pair of clothes, wallet, and sunglasses before heading over to meet Daniella in the living room.

“You ready to go?” She asked and I nodded as I grabbed my keys to the car. “Let’s go! It’s beach time!”

I laughed to myself before closing the door to the condo. “I hope this trip to San Diego is well worth it. I’m going to be disappointed if the beach is not what I read.” I chuckled and we got into the car, then drove off to the beach.


Daniella and I had arrived to the beach, I parked the car in one of the parking lot and turned it off. I was already impressed with what I saw. Lots of neat shops, restaurants, and the beach itself looked gorgeous. I definitely couldn’t wait to explore here.

“Tanning time, Chica!” Daniella exclaimed as she handed my beach bag to me and started walking towards the sand. I chuckled to myself and followed behind her.

As we were walking on the sand to find the perfect spot to tan, I noticed how many people were here whether it was a couple, a family with kids, or friends just hanging out. I smiled to myself at how people friendly this beach seemed to be. I’m already falling in love with this place.

We had found the perfect spot for us two with the sun perfectly beaming down at us, the beautiful view of the water and the various activity that was surrounding us. I put my beach bag down and place my towel on top of the warm before placing my beach bag down. I stripped to my bikini, then laid down on my back, under the sun, so I could try to get a nice tan.

“What a great day to go out to the beach and get our tan on” She said and stretched.

I nodded in agreement, “It so is, I’m so glad we did come here. Now shut up so I can get a tan so you won’t make fun of my pale skin” I joked as she pretend to fake hurt, but we laughed about it then went into a relaxing zone.

Laying under the sun with my shades on, I didn’t realized I had fallen asleep nor the fact that someone was warning me of something, until something heavy hit my abdomen which made me shoot up from my laying position to a hunching position. A brutal way to wake me up.

“Fuck...” I groaned in pain as I held my stomach.

I muttering a few more choice words. I looked over to my right to see that Daniella wasn’t beside me. I shrugged it off and looked to my left to see that it was a soccer ball that had hit me. I grabbed the ball as I heard footsteps coming towards me.

“I am so sorry. Fuck, are you okay?” The person said.

I nodded and looked up to see a tall man standing in front of me with an apologetic look on his face. He held out his hand for me to grab onto and pulled me up. I muttered a small thanks before looking at him, and when I did, I got to actually look at him. This guy was covered in tattoos like myself...well he had more than me. He also had stretched ears and a dermal piercing, but his face was so adorable His hair...he had one side shaved and the other side had long hair and a Padawan braid...I smiled to myself, he must be a Star Wars fan. Just from looking at him, I knew he was definitely Mexican.

He stuck out his hand for me to grab so he could pull me up, “I’m sooo sorry, my friends and I were playing soccer and things got out of control when we became competitive,” He said as he pointed to guy whose name is Tony.

“It’s all good it just scared the shit out of me, but I’m fine...that was one hell of a kick” I said then bit my bottom lip. I looked over to see where Daniella was. She was sitting nearby the water, talking to some guy.

He laughed and smiled, “I’m Tony” he introduced himself and stuck out his hand once again, but this time it was for me to shake it. “I’m Ariana” I smiled.

“It’s nice to meet you Ariana,” He returned with a smile, which was gorgeous. I looked down and forgot that I was holding his soccer ball, so I handed it back to him.

“I guess you would want this back,” I said and handed back the ball. “Thanks,” he said and I nodded then turned around to walk back to my spot. “Wait,” Tony called and I turned around to face him again, “Would you like join me and my friends in soccer? We lost a player because he went out flirting with some girl”

I thought about it for a minute. I couldn’t go back to sleep now that I was woken up and I didn’t want to go in the water. I smiled and nodded, “Sure, but don’t expect me to go easy on you.” I joked, to which he smiled and held out his hand for me to grab before leading me to his friends.

What a great way to start summer.


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