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The Best There Ever Was


Tony Perry//Ariana Gould

Jaime Preciado//Daniella Moore

Ariana and Daniella grew up going to the same school when Daniella moved her from Springfield at the age 6. They’ve made it a tradition ever since they moved out of their parent’s house that they’d take a vacation every summer to a different place in United States. Last year, they went to Virginia. This year, they decided to go to California. They are planning for San Diego.

Once getting to San Diego, they go and venture around. They spent most of their time on the beach. You didn’t have a beach in East St. Louis. They both loved the beach. They were going to be here for two months. Two month in this gorgeous place everybody calls San Diego.
One day on the beach, they were laying there when someone soccer ball came flying at their heads. They meet the people who it belongs to and they just can seem to stay away. The summer was only starting.

Disclaimer: We do not own any members of Pierce The Veil or any other famous band members, but we do own the plot and all of our original OC'S. So please don't steal we don't tolerate plagiarism AT ALL!



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