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Did You Call Me Last Night Just Cus' You Couldn't Get Laid?

Chapter Four

I set about getting ready for tonight’s party on the Sleeping with Sirens bus, curling my hair and pulling it up into a long pony tail that lent to one side. I patted on some foundation and concealer, covering up my blemishes and making my skin look flawless. I drew flicks on my top eye lid using liquid eye liner and then pulled out my favourite party outfit, a tight black dress with a lace front.

“You ready to go boys?” I shouted from one side of the bus to the other, quickly grabbing my
vans out of the shoe rack, I’d always hated wearing heels.

“Just about!” Cameron shouted back at me.

We headed out together; Me, Louis, Cameron, Ollie, Fletcher and Dan. It was nice that the merch gang were finally doing something together, we were never all invited to the same party. We were greeted by hugs from a very drunken Gabe who drummed for Sirens and who very kindly directed us to the drinks.

“Have an amaaaazing night!” he told us, stumbling back across the bus whilst we laughed at him.

Before long I had been separated from the boys, I milled around the party, Stella in hand, looking for a familiar face to talk to.

“Alaska?” I felt a hand on my shoulder and immediately turned around to see who it was. A fairly small man was standing in front of me, still taller than my 5 foot nothing but small none the less. He had long brown hair with a slight wave to it and I could see his nose piercing glinting in the disco lights.

“VIC?!” I shouted, jumping into his arms. “What the hell are you doing here? I thought you were in Florida touring or some shit?”

“We’re recording a song with Kellin and had to get the video down, we’ve got a show here tomorrow so it made sense to meet up now” he told me shrugging.

“So... the rest of the guys are here too?” I questioned, my voice quivering slightly. I wasn’t ready to see Mike, I had meeting him at warped all planned out in my head. Now wasn’t the right time, what if it wasn’t how it used to be? What if everything went wrong?

“Yeah,” Vic said nodding “Well, Jaime’s in this bus somewhere hella drunk, and Mike and Tony are back in our bus chilling. But I guess when you said guys you were referring to Mike.” He winked at me and smirked.

“Shush Victor, It’s been like two years since I saw him, and you, this is so weird!”

“Drink up then! After a few it won’t feel so weird.” Vic smiled, handing me a shot of Jack Daniel’s and taking me to find Jaime.

3 hours and what seemed like a thousand shots later me, Vic, Jaime and Louis were outside in the parking lot where the buses were parked, setting off fireworks and running around like kids.

“Let me set this one off viccy!” I pouted at Vic, pulling the lighter out of his hands.

“Fine! But you better run fast!” He told me, stepping away from the firework.
I leant down next to it and lit it running away quickly, giggling like mad. The firework whizzed about, sparks flying everywhere.

“YOU LET HER SET THAT OFF? IN HER STATE? VIC SHE COULD’VE HURT HERSELF!” a loud voice bellowed out of one of the buses, I turned around to see who it was.A tall man, tattoos up to his neck stood starring at me in disbelief. Mike... shit.


this is deffo the last chapter before I go away! sorry if its kinda short, and oooo cliff hanger.
Next chapter next weekend, got camp ^_^
Love you all! <3
please comment, vote etc! let me know if you want a new chapter, what dyu think she will say to mike? :D


Love the story. Update soon

HeatherMiller HeatherMiller
omg, love it!
I like how Mike seems to be bit of a dominant..
ugh i love this already haha.
alyssaugh alyssaugh
I can't wait to see how this pans out. I like Destiny, I hope Mike sticks by Alaska through all of this.
KealieghRachel KealieghRachel