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Did You Call Me Last Night Just Cus' You Couldn't Get Laid?

Chapter Sixteen

We’d been to Portland, San Diego, Pomona and Mountain View since me and Mike had hooked up. We were now in Ventura, the last California date on Warped, meaning it had been 5 days since I’d seen or spoken to him. I missed him like crazy, but I wasn’t about to call or text him when he didn’t want to hear me. He’d used me for sex again; I was just one of his girls, typical.

Today was a Sunday, so it kind of sucked to be working, but I had the next two days off as the next Warped day wasn’t till Wednesday. I got dressed quickly and did my hair in corkscrew curls, I’d been getting more into looking nice and wearing makeup lately. I’d even gone to target and brought a whole load of elf products which I was super stoked on.

Me and Louis sat at the merch table all day, eventually making around a thousand dollars. The heat was really beginning to get to me so I let Louis know that I was going to get a drink before getting up and heading over to the free water tent.

I saw a long line and went and joined it, presuming it was the line for the water tent, considering how hot it was. There was somewhere to go for emergency water but I wasn’t quite dying, yet.

Before long there was a group of girls in front of me and behind me, both of which were talking about Pierce the Veil.

“Mike’s totally the hottest,” I heard one of the girls snigger.

“Nuh uh, Vics the sexiest, his hair is gorgeous,” Her friend responded

“Nope, Mike is, have you seen his sexy drummer arms, I’d totally do him!” the first girl said, causing me to mentally throw up.

Maybe it was because I’d been friends with band members my whole life, or because I had a similar lifestyle to them, but I’d never really understood the whole “fangirl” thing. I didn’t understand how you could be in love with someone you’d never met.

As the line moved forward I started to get funny looks off the girls in front of me who were talking, which confused me slightly. I didn’t look any different than anyone else here, even though I was a few years older, I still looked like a teenager. I didn’t have any band merch on but I was pretty sure my hair style and nose piercing made up for that, I looked just like any other girl that would go to Warped.

“You can come stand with us if you don’t want to meet them on your own,” The Mike girl turned around and said to me, giving me a wide smile. I looked back at her confused.

“What?” I questioned, slightly startled.

“Come on, come with us, quick we’re nearly here,” she ushered me towards her and I followed, mainly out of confusion.

I noticed a security guard in the corner, ushering people inside the tent before closing the gate which stopped all of the kids from running inside the tent at once.

“OHMIGODWE’RENEARLYHERE,” The Vic girl screamed loudly, causing the security guard to roll his eyes.

“We’re nearly where?” I asked her, not having time to explain that I was only here to get a glass of water.


“You guys can go in now,” The security guard said, ushering us in before I had time to protest. Fuck.

Vic spotted me straight away, laughing out loud and gesturing for me to go over to him.

“I didn’t know you were a fan,” he winked at me, “You know if you wanted to come see us you could have rang, you have my number,” He started laughing again, nearly in stitches, thinking that I’d cued up for half an hour just to see him.

“Fuck off! I thought this was the line for water,” I said angrily, crossing my arms and pulling a pissed off face.

This time Vic, Jaime and Tony all burst out laughing, throwing their heads back and banging their fists on the table.

“There’s never a line for water you fucktard,” Tony laughed, signing his glass of water before handing it over to me. “For our biggest fan,” he told me, before falling back into his laughter.

“I’m glad you all think this is hilarious,” I pouted at them.

“Well if you weren’t here to see us, you can fuck off then.” Mikes voice came from the end of the table.

“Excuse me Michael?”

“I said fuck off, you haven’t bothered speaking to me for 5 days, so you may as well get lost.”

“I’m sorry, I think you’ll find you haven’t spoken to me? You slept with me then treated me like I was just a casual fuck. You led me on for weeks and had me thinking it was something more. You pissed off out of the bus with Casey before I woke up and had a chance to speak to you? Fuck you Mike. Fuck you.” I half spoke half shouted at him, before running out of the tent.

“You slept with Mike?” the Mike girl asked me as I walked out, “What was it like?” she looked up at me in ore.

“Shit, his dicks tiny and all shrivelled up, and he gave me Chlamydia, which I got rid of but I’m pretty sure he hasn’t, he’s a dirty fuck.” I spat at her,leaving her standing behind me mouth wide open as I ran back to the merch table to tell Louis.


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Love the story. Update soon

HeatherMiller HeatherMiller
omg, love it!
I like how Mike seems to be bit of a dominant..
ugh i love this already haha.
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I can't wait to see how this pans out. I like Destiny, I hope Mike sticks by Alaska through all of this.
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