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Did You Call Me Last Night Just Cus' You Couldn't Get Laid?

Chapter Ten

“ALASKA BABY WE’RE HOMEEEEE!” Louis screeched at me, dropping all of his bags and pulling me into a tight hug. It’d been a week since the incident with Mike in Vegas and since then we’d sold merch for the Of Mice and Men boys at 5 more venues before finally finishing up the tour and heading home.

“It’s so good to be back in Florida,” I grinned at Louis before turning around and waving goodbye to our bus driver, Ollie and Fletcher. They were getting dropped off at their apartments after us as they lived further out.

We grabbed our bags and headed inside, our smiles branching from ear to ear. Don’t get me wrong, I loved touring, but there’s nothing better than going home to your own bed. We had a week till Warped Tour, which meant a week at home laying about doing nothing and catching up on sleep. Perfect.

I ran into my room and unpacked all of my stuff, hanging up my clothes in my already packed wardrobe. Being a Merch girl had its advantages; one being the amount of free band tees you got given. I changed out of my travel clothes into a better outfit, pulled my hair into a high pony tail and patted on some makeup before heading into the lounge to see what Louis was doing. When I walked in, Louis was starring into the empty fridge, a disappointed look on his face.

“Why the fuck don’t we have any food?” He asked, pouting at me.
“You can’t leave food in the fridge for months on end Lou! It’d go off, wanna go to the store and stock up?” I responded, I was starting to feel hungry myself.
“Hell yes!” Louis replied, jumping up and grabbing his jacket off the counter.

Louis drove us to the store in his range rover whilst I road shotgun, taking the opportunity to text Mike and let him know I got home safely. We’d fallen back into the old routine, texting at every chance we had, skyping every night. Normally we were both super busy, so I didn’t mind if I didn’t get to speak to him every hour of the day, but this week was going to be hard seeing as I wasn’t on tour and he was.

We pulled up at Walmart and headed inside, me and Louis both grabbing the largest trolleys as we entered. They say not to shop on an empty stomach and they sure as hell are right. Me and Louis ended up buying the whole fucking store, throwing in pretty much every vegetarian ready meal available, pizzas, a shit load of ice creams, chocolates, sweets, you name it we brought it.

“WE NEED ALCOHOOOOOOOOL,” Louis shouted at me, pushing his trolley ahead of him and running to the alcohol isle like a kid.
“WAIT UP LOULOU!” I shouted back at him, running after him.

After we’d picked out all the alcohol we needed, which turned out to be 3 bottles of jack daniels, a bottle of vodka and 5 packs of cider, we headed for the checkout.

“Got any ID?” the lady at the checkout asked me.
“Sure,” I smiled, handing over my driver’s license.

The lady nodded before typing something into the computer, the final price of our shopping flashing up on the screen. We’d spent nearly $500’s on groceries, fuck. Me and Louis split the cost between us, managing to make a joke out of it, besides, it wasn’t like we couldn’t afford it. We pushed the trolleys full of bags back to the car and loaded all of the bags in before driving back to the apartment.

A lot of people thought it was weird that me and Louis lived together, most were convinced that we hooked up, but we never had. We were like brother and sister, our bond was amazing and I wouldn’t have changed it for the world. It was crazy how we managed to work together, live together and still get along.

Our apartment was fairly big, it had a living room with a kitchen attached on the side and two bedrooms coming off of it. Both bedrooms had ensuites so me and Louis didn’t have to share. I loved it; it was perfect for parties but also great for just chilling out in.

Around 7 I decided to call Mike on skype, knowing that he’d be getting ready to go out on stage and wanting to wish him luck. He answered on the third ring and his cute face popped up on my iphone, he grinned at me and waved.

Hey cutie whatcha doing?” he asked me, his adorable smile never leaving his face.
“Just got back from shopping with Louis, we spent like $500 on food,” I said chuckling, “What about you, getting ready to go out on stage?”
“Yeah I am actually, just had a quick practice so I’ll be going out soon, you gonna wish mikey good luck?” he made a funny face at the camera, which caused me to giggle.
“Good luck Mikey, don’t mess up out there!”
“I’ll try not to, bye baby!”
I pressed the hang up button and the call disappeared from my screen.

My calls to Mike were never very long, but I appreciated every second of them. It was weird, whenever we’d been together before it had always seemed to be just about the sex, now it felt like there was something more, like maybe Mike actually wanted to speak to me. We hadn’t even spoken about sex yet, we’d just talked and got to know each other, and it felt great.

“Hey Lask, Coraline is on telly, watch it with me?” Louis called over me.
“I’m down for that!” I responded, crashing down on the sofa and resting my head on Louis’s shoulder, ready to have a quiet night in with my best friend.


Kinda a filler but I liked this chapter for some reason? :3
also do you guys like me linking the outfits? incase you missed it in the writing here it is again :3 http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=92459410
Comment and let me know if that's something you'd like me to do?
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Love the story. Update soon

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omg, love it!
I like how Mike seems to be bit of a dominant..
ugh i love this already haha.
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I can't wait to see how this pans out. I like Destiny, I hope Mike sticks by Alaska through all of this.
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