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Who Are You?


“You guys put on a great show tonight!” The venue security told Vic as he packed his things in his truck.
“Hey thanks man! See you at the next one!” He told him and hopped inside the truck. He drove out of the now empty venue and went straight to the local bar that he and the guys usually met up at. Once arriving at the bar a couple minutes later Vic made his way straight to the bar stools and waited no time to order himself a drink. He moved his finger on the base of the chilled glass as he thought about tonight’s show. He loved the feeling he got when he played in front of the hundreds of fans and heard them sing back his lyrics. He loved his job and meeting all the fans but he couldn’t help but feel like something was missing in his life.

After several drinks later and countless attempts to find an answer he gave up as he felt a wall each and every time blocking him. He looked down at his wrist and noticed that it had been nearly an hour and a half and the guys still hadn’t showed up. He slapped a bill on the counter and stood up from his seat, ready to leave the bar. He lifted his glass to finish off the remainder of his beer and was about to turn around to leave when he felt a hand trace his arm.
“Hey.” The girl said in a seductive tone making him bring his attention from the glass and to her.
“Were you leaving, so soon?” She said batting her long lashes at him. Vic examined the girl in front of him for a moment as he felt his buzz kicking in. He noticed her fiery red hair, the curves on her body and how she pouted her lips as she waited for his answer.
“Uh, you want to get out of here?” He said without a second’s thought. The girl nodded in excitement and let him lead her back to his car.

As soon as they were both in the truck he noticed the girl scoot in the cab seat all the way to where he sat. He felt the girl’s hand on his thigh as he started the drive, making him hurry up to get home before she caused a crash to happen. As he tried to focus on the street Vic felt her warm breath by his ear as she whispered into it, luckily his house was in the next block. Vic drove his truck into the garage once arriving at the house and led the girl inside. She winked at him and walked down the hallway to the first doorway she found. She turned the knob several times in different directions before turning to Vic for an explanation.
“That door never opens.” He said leading her to a door in the opposite direction that actually led to his room. Once inside the girl wasted no time to smack her lips on his and try and lure him to the bed. As she felt him hesitate she took him by the collar and pulled him down to hover over her body before continuing her making out session.
“Oh that’s just gross.” A voice said making Vic’s head snap back at the sound.
“Did you say something?” The girl shook her head confused and quickly started to unbutton his pants and push them down his legs.
“I wouldn’t do that if I were you-” Vic heard the voice again this time clearer. He took one look at the girl under him knowing that it was her “-Unless you like surprises, then be my guest.” He quickly turned his head back in the direction of the voice and nearly jumped when he saw someone standing there. He quickly stood up and picked up his pants as he turned around to face their guest.
“What’s wrong?” The girl on the bed said impatiently but he didn’t respond as he stared at the visitor in front of him. She was a slender girl about average height with long almost black hair stopping just under her breasts. She had on tight skinny jeans and a plain white camisole but it was her eyes that he couldn’t stop looking at. Those dark blue grey eyes with a hint of green that stared right at him.
“Who are you?”
“My name is Lexi?” The girl on the bed said in confusion.
“Not you, her.” He said, pointing at the girl in front of him. He heard a sigh from behind him before she got up from the bed and pulled on his arm.
“No one is there, now come on.”
“You don’t see her?” She continued to tug as she ignored his question but he fought to stay on his spot. He couldn’t just pick up where he left off with this person, who he didn’t even know, watch over them.
“How did you get in here? What do you want?” He asked her as she continued to just stare at Vic.
“Screw this, I’m out of here.” Lexi said as she stood up from the bed. She stopped and looked at him a moment longer. “Such a shame, and you were so hot.” She shook her head and walked right through where the other girl stood and stormed out of the house.
“Did she just-“ He said in astonishment as he brought up his hand to touch her. He felt his fingers make contact with her white porcelain skin and nearly flinched at the cold touch.
“Who are you?” He asked again. “How did you get inside my house?”
“I don’t know.” She said simply.
“You don’t know?”
“I don’t know why or how I’m here. It was black not so long ago and then next thing I know I’m standing here watching you two play tonsil hockey over there.”
“What’s your name?” She stared at him as if in search of an answer but shook her head when she came up blank. Vic examined his guest in front of her, taking each inch of her in before noticing the white plastic bracelet on her wrist. He stepped close to her and pointed at her wrists. She looked down at it for the first time and let him pick up her arm. He turned around what he now recognized as a hospital bracelet before finding her name printed on it.

“Savannah Thomas.”


Yay :)
clairephernelia clairephernelia
I'm glad you liked it! :) The story is still going to continue
neverendinghope neverendinghope
I loved this. Short & sweet <3
clairephernelia clairephernelia
yes yes please!!!!
Seexxiccaan Seexxiccaan
nope one more chapter but a sequel is in the thought process if you guys want one
neverendinghope neverendinghope