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They'll Never Take Us Alive

Feel My Bones Ignite

Sarah's P.O.V It has been 3 months since we decided to take refuge in this mall. 3 whole months in this goddamn place. I honestly feel as though my head is going to explode. Everyone is just getting on my nerves. Mostly I try to distance myself from Vic and Katy as she has became the most annoyingly clingy person I have ever seen. Marissa doesn't think much of her either but we had to be nice... I guess we only have each other now. "Hey Sarah" I looked up to see Vic standing infront of me. He looked confused. "Hi, what's up?" I smiled up at him. I placed my book to the side and gave him my attention. "I gotta ask you something" He said scratching the back of his head. I nodded and let him sit next to me. "Okay, so Katy has been really getting on my nerves". "How so?" I asked curiously. "I think she has convinced herself that me and her are a couple" He laughed. I raised an eyebrow at the statement. "Well you gotta make it more clear for her" I shrugged. Why is he telling me this. "Or maybe because you act like her boyfriend". His head snapped round and he gave me a questioning look. "What do you mean I act like her boyfriend?" He asked. "You're always hugging her, kissing her head, doing stuff for her. You're totally bitched" I laughed. "Okay maybe I do act like that a little. Fuck I need to make it more clear that I don't like her in that way" He sighed. I nodded with a small smile. "Whatever makes you happy" I sighed happily. I looked at him cautiously, I guess that's how I have been for the last 2 months. Hiding the fact that I have fallen madly in love with him. I know it's stupid but the way he was there for me at my parents house was so touching and I guess it really caught my heart. "Sarah, what are you looking at?" Vic asked, snapping me outta my thoughts. "Oh, um nothing" I said looking away. "Are you sure?" He asked again. "Very sure" I smiled. "Okay well I'm gonna go help Mike out with something. See ya later" He said getting up. "See ya" I mumbled. I threw myself backwards onto my bed and sighed loudly. This place was getting way too much for me. I can't handle it. I finally got up off my bed and decided to go for a walk. My head was filled with so much bullshit right now that I just wanted to be alone. My feet guided me underneath the Mall. A small basement like room that I go to when I needed space. Today I noticed something different about the room though. There was a door, a really obvious door that I now wonder how I missed. I walked over to the door and opened it with ease. I half expected it to be locked to be honest. The door led to a set of stairs and into some dark room. It seemed eerie. I took a few steps inside then changed my mind, too dangerous and risky. I turned around quickly and screamed a little when I seen Katy standing there. "Shit you scared me" I said placing my hand on my heart. She just smiled. "What are you doing down here?" She asked. "I never noticed this door before" I shrugged. "Right... well, why don't you go and investigate down there?" She suggested. "It's probably really dangerous if I'm honest" I explained. "So what if you die, we're all gonna die it's only a matter of time" She smiled. "What?" I said scrunching my eyebrows at her comment. "Vic spoke to me a few minutes ago. Told me that we aren't an item. He came to that conclusion after a chat with someone. It wasn't hard to put the pieces together Sarah" Katy spat at me. "I didn't say he shouldn't be with you. He said you think you guys are a couple and he doesn't want to be. I said whatever makes him happy" I explained to her. She rolled her eyes at me. "I don't care, the only reason he doesn't want me is because you are here" She said looking behind me. "I can't help that" I said with a shaky voice. "No but I can" She grinned. She quickly reached out to me and grabbed onto my arm. "Why'd you think this place was unlocked? Me. I left a little door open down there this morning to let a few walkers in... you don't have any weapons so goodluck" She said getting in my face. I tried to pull away but she wouldn't let go. "Get off me" I shouted. "Alert the walkers, make it easier for them" She laughed. I tried more to get out of her grip but she pushed me backwards and let me go. I was about to fall down the stairs when I grabbed onto her. We both tumbled down the stairs forcefully. I felt dizzy and landed on my side with a thud. When I looked up I seen Katys body, lifelessly next to me. I crawled over to her to check her pulse, only a faint heartbeat. I could feel the blood dripping down my head, onto her body. My hands were covered in what I think was Katys blood. We had to get out of here. "Katy, get up" I said softly. She wouldn't budge. "Come on Katy we gotta go" I said a little more frantically. Suddenly I heard a groaning. "Shit". I grabbed her shirt and began dragging her but she was too heavy for me. The groaning got louder until the walker came into sight. It grabbed onto Katys leg and that was when I knew there was nothing I could do. I dropped Katy's body and walked backwards. As the walker took a bite into her leg, her eyes fluttered open. She looked at the walker and began kicking and screaming. "Help, no no no" She screamed. She looked up at me with pleading but I couldn't do anything. "I'm sorry" I whispered and turned. I ran up the stairs as fast as I could. When I got back into the room I shut the door quickly. I looked around and found a set of keys, I tried them in the door and luckily, they worked. I got the keys for the basement door off the wall and dropped the key for the door where the walker was into the bin of the basement room. I walked out and locked the basement room and threw away the key. I ran back into the mall, my vision was blurred and my head hurt like hell. I ran as fast as I could until I smacked into someone. "Whoa, what's wrong Sarah" I heard. I looked up at Mike and his eyes widened when he seen the blood. "Did you get bit?" He asked. "No... Katy, did" I whispered. His eyes widened. "What happened?" He asked. I decided not to tell about her trying to kill me. "We went to the basement and we both tripped down some stairs... she got knocked out and I couldn't see. I tried to pull her back up the stairs but she got biten before I could get her up there. I've locked the doors and thrown away any keys so they won't get to us" I explained. "Shit" He looked over my wounds. "Let's get you cleaned up okay" He smiled. "Thank you Mike" I said hugging him tightly. This is one big horrible mess now.


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I love this!
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Thank you, its hard to write zombie stuff but im glad you like it :)
Wow it's going great