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They'll Never Take Us Alive

As I Wake Up In Your Room

Sarahs P.O.V

The sunlight shone through the window of this sucky motel room. I sat up and wrapped the bedsheet around me more. I grabbed my clothes off the floor and put them on quickly. I turned to see Mike sleeping in the bed peacefully. 'Why did I fuck him?' I asked myself and shook my head, knowing there was no real answer. I grabbed my gun off the nightstand and left the room. I looked around and didn't see any zombies. Good. I didn't like the bastards anyway.

I knocked on the door of Marissa and I's room. She opened it slowly with her gun raised. She lowered it once she seen it was me. "Where did you go?" She asked confused. "I went to talk to Mike" I lied. "Yeah, you're such a liar... you fucked him didn't you?" She asked with a smirk. I rolled my eyes and she laughed. "Jaime said we are leaving in 15 minutes so you should probably get ready" She said tossing me a towel. "This place still has running water?" I asked confused. "Strangely yes, it's freezing though" Marissa said with a shiver though. "Better than nothing" I muttered.

After showering and getting dressed we both left the room and found the guys all waiting at the car. I seen Vic look at me and he looked sad. I smiled at him and he didn't return it. I frowned and looked at Mike. He winked at me and I rolled my eyes. Jaime climbed in the drivers seat and Mike sat next to him. Tony, Marissa me and Vic climbed into the back and I was inbetween Vic and Marissa. He seemed really tense and I didn't wanna make it more awkward. We left the motel hastily and were on our way.

We past wastelands and run down towns. My eys danced over the sights and occasionally they would land on Vic. He'd always be looking at me when I'd look at him but he'd look away quickly avoid me. 'What was his problem?' I asked myself over and over.

"What time is it?" Tony asked quietly. "2:34 Turtle" Mike said looking back at us. He caught my gaze and winked. I rolled my eyes and I heard Vic sigh. I looked at him and decided to try and say something. "You okay?" I whispered so only he could hear. He looked at me and nodded. "You're pretty quiet" I whispered. "Don't feel like being noisey" He said quietly. "You should talk more, you have a lovely voice" I smiled. His eyes lit up and I smiled even more. "Thanks" He whispered. "No problem" I whispered and rested my head on his shoulder.

We eventually had to stop at a gas station and see if it had gas. Luckily it did. "Thank god, I need to stretch my legs" Marissa groaned climbing out the car. I climbed out after Vic and shut the door. I looked around there was no movement. "I'm gonna see if that store has anything good" I said walking towards the gas station store. "I'll come too" Vic spoke up. I turned to look at him, walking backwards. "Come on" I smiled.

We opened the door slowly, no movement. Meaning it was safe... for now. I stepped inside with my gun in my hand incase. Vic followed me. The stench of rotten flesh filled my nose and I gagged a little. I covered my nose and walked further inside. There was food lying on the floor. Magazines and newspapers scattered on the ground. I walked up an isle and I heard a door slam shut. I looked at Vic and he wasn't behind me anymore. I held my gun up and suddenly I was tackled to the floor. "Ahh" I screamed out. Vic ran down the isle and shot the zombie ontop of me just as it was about to bite me. I pushed it off me and he pulled me to my feet. "You really gotta stop letting them floor you" He whispered. "I won't always be able to save you" He said walking past me.

We picked up a few things and then left the store. We climbed back into the car and continued the journey. "So Sarah... what did you do before all this?" Jaime asked from the passenger seat now as Mike was driving. "I was a photographer for a company that done AP shoots and other rock magazines" I smiled. "Really?" Tony asked. I nodded. "Yeah, i done a lot of 'behind the scenes' photography. I've worked with Paramore, Sleeping With Sirens, Fall Out Boy" I laughed. "Sweet... that's a big deal. Maybe one day you would have gotten to work with us if this had not of happend" Jaime grinned. "Yeah maybe" I smirked. "What about you Marissa?" Jaime asked looking at her. "I was a psychology student" She smiled. "I done that at college" Vic spoke up. I looked at him and smiled. "Really?" I asked. "Yup, that's how I got the name for the band" He said proudly. "That's cute" I giggled.

Hours passed and it began to grow dark. We needed to stop driving soon. We found an abandoned house in the middle of nowhere. We pulled over into the driveway and climbed out. "This'll do" Mike said. I looked at him and he winked.

We all checked out the house and it was completely empty. Thank God for that. There were three bedrooms. We all split up into the bedrooms and went to sleep. I couldn't sleep though so I left the room and climbed down the stairs. I took my gun with me obviously, just in case.

I sat on the porch outside. Taking in the night air and thinking about life. "Can't sleep?" I heard from behind me. I jumped from the fright he gave me. "Shit.. not now" I said grabbing my heart. "Sorry" He muttered and sat down next to me. I looked at him and watched his features lit up from the moonlight. He was beautiful. I shook my head and pushed the thoughts away. "Vic..." I said quietly. "Yeah?" He asked looking down at me. "Do you think this will ever get better?" I asked. He sighed. "No... I think we will eventually die oit... maybe this was all a new age Noahs Ark clense thing that God is trying out" He laughed. I laughed too. "Maybe... pretty rad though, I'd rather this than drowning" I sighed. "You like killing people?" He asked. "No... but it's a good way to let out some anger" I laughed. "True dat" He smiled.

"If things don't get better then how long do you think we will all last?" I asked with sadness in my voice. "Long enough but as the saying goes 'lifes too short' literally, now it is so let everyday bring something new and exciting" He smiled. "I wanna hear you sing" I grinned. "Why?" He asked raising an eyebrow. "Something new... and something different to me" I whispered. He stood up and walked into the house quickly. A few minutes later he emerged with an acoustic guitar. Sitting down again he closed his eyes and then opened his mouth and began to strum a beautiful melody.

"As we wake up in your room, Your face is the first thing I see, The first time I've seen love, And the last I'll ever need, You remind her that the future would be nothing without her, Never lose her, I'm afraid, Better think of something good to say" He sung softly. My eyes lit up and my heart fluttered at the sound. "Well it's all been done, more than once so I'll keep on trying, Oh God don't let me be the only one who says... No! At the top of our lungs, There's no, no such thing as too young, When second chances won't leave you alone, Then there's faith in love" He looked in my eyes and smiled into the song. I smiled widely at him. "She was always the one, I'll repeat it again, the one, No such thing as too young, Red lights flash in the car we're kissing in, Call me crazy, I've always tried to remind her that the future's, Just a few heartbeats away from disaster, I'm afraid, that I've thrown it all away" His voice was lined with emotion and it was beautiful. "No! At the top of our lungs, There's no, no such thing as too young, When second chances won't leave you alone. No, at the top of our lungs, There's no, no such thing as too young, When second chances won't leave you alone. No. We'll repeat it again, There's no, no such thing as too young, When second chances won't leave us alone, Cuz there's faith in..." He looked into my eyes and my heart melted. "Love, If you kiss me goodnight, I'll know, everything is alright, When second chances won't leave us alone, Won't leave us alone, Cuz there's faith in love" He finished singing and stopped strumming.

I looked at him in complete awe. Why did I never give Pierce The Veil a real listen? Damn. "Well... that was amazing" I said without a breath. "Thanks" He smiled. "That's such a beautiful song" I grinned. "Yeah, it's pretty sweet I think" He said hiding his face from my sight. "Well done..." I said leaning in and kissing his cheek. I stood up and stretched. "I'm gonna sleep now" I said to him. He nodded and said goodnight. I went upstairs and climbed into bed. The lyrics of that song haunted my dreams and made me feel happy as sleep overtook m



Thanks, next update tomorrow :)
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I love this!
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Thank you, its hard to write zombie stuff but im glad you like it :)
Wow it's going great