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They'll Never Take Us Alive

She Recited Every Reason She's Fine

Vics P.O.V

I couldn't get that girl out of my head. She was beautiful and almost fucking died if I didn't kill that thing. I sighed and turned the music up louder as Pantera blasted through the speakers of my car. I passed a few zombies on the way back to the guys and laughed at how normal this all seemed. Life shouldn't be like this. I missed playing shows and touring with my band but life had truly changed. I took the last turn off and exited the abandoned highway. A few more turns and I was back in our base. I parked the car and opened the door up with my key.

"Victors back" Tony said walking by me and into our kitchen. "So what did you see while you were out?" Mike asked curiously. I sat down on the couch. "I saved a girl from being attacked..." I said looking up at Mike. "Seriously? Man there I gotta get laid, why didn't you bring her back?" Mike groaned. "Mike, seriously?" I asked angrily. "What? You know girls are really hard to find these days, I'm hardly gonna fuck a zombie" Mike said sarcastically. "Anyways, they're heading to New " I said quietly. "You want to go find them don't you?" Mike said raising an eyebrow. "No... maybe, I don't know" I groaned. I stood up and began pacing. "They were the first girls I've seen in so long... I just don't wanna see them get hurt, the world is falling apart, I guess sticking together is all we have left" I rambled on. Mike squinted his eyes at me and nodded. "Okay, what do we have to lose" Mike laughed. I turned around and smiled at him.

Mike told Jaime and Tony the idea and they both agreed, we didn't have anything left here. We packed up as much stuff as we could and put it in our car. I took one last look at our home for the last month and sighed. Maybe things would get better. I climed into the drivers seat and started the car.

We had no idea where we were heading, just back towards where I seen they girls. It had been a few hours since I seen them and the sun was beating down hard today. I drove slowly through the streets and kept a look out for them. Suddenly a car drove out infront of us and then stopped about 50ft away. I stopped the car and looked out the window. The door of the driver seat opened and the girl from earlier stepped out. I watched her stand up straight and stretch her hands above her head. Her tank top rose up and revealed her stomach where you could see a tattoo leading down under her waistline. She bent down and tied up her laces again and I noticed she was wearing shorts, very short ones. Fuck she was hot. She stood up and took her leather jacket off and threw it on the hood of her car.

I looked behind me and seen then guys all stare at her with mouths wide open. "That her?" Mike grinned from beside me. I nodded and looked back at her and noticed a zombie had began to walk towards her. She noticed our car and stared into my eyes, pulling a gun out from the back of her shorts without even looking she pointed the gun behind her and shot the zombie inbetween the eyes. It fell to the ground, lifeless. We were all shocked. "Let's go meet the locals" jaime whispered. We all climbed out the car and she put her gun back in her shorts. We all approached her and she just looked emotionless.

"What's a girl like you doing here all alone?" Mike grinned at her. She looked at him and smirked. The passenger door opened and the other girl from earlier stepped out. "Oh she's not alone" She smirked. Mike grinned at her, "Oh, well two girls and 4 of us. We could make something beautiful" He winked. I smacked Mike on the head. "Ignore that douchebag, hey again. I didn't feel right back just leaving you guys so I told the guys about you and we all decided to come find you" I explained. Sarah looked at me and smiled. "We don't need rescuing". I looked at the ground then back at her. "I know just, things are pretty weird now and sticking together is like one of the best things people can do now... we don't wanna lose anyone else" I said. She looked over Tony and Jaime. "Okay, we are going East though. We'll drive infront" She said picking up her jacket off the roof of the car. "Wait, we have space for you guys..." Tony spoke up. Sarah turned around and looked at him. "Okay, sure" She looked at Marissa and smiled. They both grabbed a few bags out of the trunk and then handed them to Mike and Tony. We all climbed into the car and Sarah sat up front with me.

"So I'm Vic as you know, that's Jaime, Tony and Mike" I explained. "Sure, I'm Sarah and that's Marissa" Sarah said sounding bored. I looked over at her and she just pulled her legs up to her chest and watched the highway pass her by.

It began to grow dark and we decided we needed somewhere to sleep. We pulled into what looked like an old abandoned motel lot. We checked out the rooms and there was nothing around. We seperated into two rooms. The guys and girls. I fell asleep pretty quickly.

I awoke to a banging on the wall. I sat and up and looked to see if anyone else heard it. Tony and Jaime were still fast asleep. I raised an eyebrow and looked for Mike. He wasn't around. I grabbed my tshirt and jeans and pulled them on. I grabbed my gun and then went to the door and opened it slowly and quietly. The cold California air hit me and I sighed. I heard more bangs and then moaning. I screwed up my eyebrows and followed the sound. It lead to the room next to mines. The door was slightly open and I pushed it open even more. The sight infront of me made my heart ache, why I don't know. Mike and Sarah were both in bed having sex. They didn't see me into the door banged of the wall making them jump and look at me. Mike just grinned at me and Sarah pulled the covers over them. I pulled the door shut and went back to my room. I went back into bed and tried to fall back asleep. I just didn't understand why it bothered me.



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I love this!
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Thank you, its hard to write zombie stuff but im glad you like it :)
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