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They'll Never Take Us Alive

Can You Chase Away The Darkness

This is a new story I'm trying out. It's completely different from my other story so bare with me. It wont be a very long story, it's pretty simple and to the point. So tell me how you like it and if it sucks tell me and I shall stop.
Sarah is played by Megan Fox.

My life was always pretty simple. Wake up. Go to work. Get home. Go to bed. See simple. I didn't have anything big in my life to make it exciting or different. Well that is until one day, life for everyone suddenly changed.

It all began for me in the city of San Diego. I lived in an apartment in the heart of the city. I lived with my roommate who was either always out drunk with her college friends or in bed sleeping. She was nice and I got on with her. I met her in college in my senior year and she was a freshman. She needed a roommate and so did I. I had just gotten out of a bad relationship and really needing a new roommate. She befriended me at a party and the rest is well, history I guess. I majored in photography and media. Most people think these aren't real careers but what do they know? Anyways, I worked for a modelling agency as an assistant photographer. I do mostly behind the scenes of photoshoots. I also mostly work with bands, such as Paramore, All Time Low and Sleeping With Sirens. They were all nice people but I have to be professional and basically act as though I'm not dying a little inside because I want to talk to them like normal people. Jobs suck.

I woke up one sunny day and felt a little odd. Things were strangely quiet. Marissa my roommate usually had music playing in the morning before she went to classes. Her favourite band was Pierce The Veil. I never really got into them due to a busy work schedule but they live nearby and Marissa is always hoping to bump into one of them. It'll never happen. I climbed out of bed and looked in the mirror. "Ew, need a shower" I groaned. I went into my bathroom and stripped off. I turned the water on and walked into the shower. The water fell down on me and I sighed happily. I washed my hair and body. Eventually I decided it was time to get out. I turned the shower off and climbed out. I pulled the towel around my body carefully and then went into my room to get clothes got the day. I decided on a pair of black skinny jeans and a white tanktop. I pulled on my converse and blow dried my hair. It fell down my body and sat just midway down my back. I applied some make-up then pulled on my leather jacket and smiled. "Looking good" I winked at myself. I grabbed my phone and camera and left my befroom.

I walked into the living room and seen Marissa sitting on the couch with her arms wrapped around her legs. "What's wrong Marissa?" I asked as I walked by her into the kitchen. I grabbed a cup and then went to pour coffee out but there was none made. I sighed and began making some. I paced waiting for it to be ready. Eventually it finished brewing and I poured myself a cup. I grabbed it and walked back into the living room. I seen Marissa watching the news looking terrified. I sat down next to her. "What's got you so wound up?" I asked confused. "Sarah... look at the news" She muttered. I looked at the tv screen and there was some story about the dead coming back to life. I laughed and shook my head. "It's gotta be a joke" I laughed. She looked at me with anger in her eyes. "A joke... a fucking joke?" She growled. She grabbed my arm and dragged me over to the window. I looked out and seen chaos. There was fires and being running from other slower people. Cars abandoned and blood... everywhere.

My eyes widened in shock. "No, this is a dream... it's gotta be a dream" I muttered. "No Sarah this is real... the dead are coming back to life and the world is descending into anarchy" Marissa said emotionlessly. "What are we going to do?" I asked. She looked and me and shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know. Stay here" She suggested. We went silent and then there was a bang on the door. We both looked at each other. "What was that?" She whispered. "Oh probably santa, who do you think it is" I said sarcastically. I slowly walked over to the door and looked through the peephole. My heart began to beat rapidly. "Shit" I whispered. "How many are there?" Marissa whispered. "Maybe 10" I whispered back. "Oh god" She cried. I walked away from the door and ran to my bedroom.

My upbringing was a little weird. I have lived in San Diego all my life with my mom, dad and little sister. My dad was a gun nut let's say so he made me get a gun when I moved into my own apartment. I knew how to shoot a gun and let's say I was a good shot. I guess it'll come in handy now. I searched through my drawers until I found my gun and bullets. I grabbed them both and left my bedroom. Marissas eyes turned scared when she seen what I was holding. "Fuck Sarah you had a gun in our apartment?" She asked. "Well it's coming in handy now isn't it" I shot back. She shut up and we both sat down and faced the front door. Half an hour passed and nothing happened. "Do you think they're gone?" Marissa asked. "I don't know" I said quietly. Suddenly there was a massive bang on the door. I held my gun up at the door and then another bang. A few more came and we both stood up quickly. One more bang and the door flew open.

Around 10 people came flooding into our apartment and they looked like the living dead. I did not hesitate to shoot them. I got two of them and they fell to the ground, lifeless. Marissa picked up a baseball bat and hit a few over the head. We both took them all out without a scratch on either of us. "We gotta get out of here" I muttered. I ran back to my room and grabbed a bag. I packed of ammo that I had. I grabbed a baseball bat off my wall. I was a huge baseball fan. I ran back out into the living room and Marissa had shut the door over temporarily in order to keep these things out. I ran to the kitchen and packed a bag of food and water supplies, nothing too heavy. I ran back to Marissa and gave her the bag. She nodded and we both left my apartment.

That was a month ago. Life had truly changed for everyone. Most of the population were dead. Marissa and I haven't came across any living people in over a week. Maybe we were the last ones alive or maybe the last ones standing are still here because they're good at hiding. Who knows.

The wasteland that was once San Diego was empty. You got the ocasional zombie but they were getting weaker as the human flesh became harder for them to get. Once you've been biten you probably have around 6 hours tops. The more vicious the bite, the quicker the process. I was waiting outside a store near down town. Marissa had to get some water and I was on look out. I twirrled my gun in my hand gracefully and laughed at how quickly I had come to terms with this being my life now.

Something caught my eye and I slowly turned around. It all happened so fast, the thing was ontop of me and I dropped my gun. I didn't wanna scream and attract more. I held its head away from me and it kept trying to bite me. I pushed and pushed then suddenly I heard a gun shot. 'Thank god Marissa turned up' I thought happily. I felt the body being pulled off me. I looked up and got caught in a pair of brown eyes. My heart skipped a beat and my breath caught in my throat. He held his hand out for me and I took it. He pulled me up and I stumbled into his arms. "You okay, did it bite you?" He asked cautiously. "No, no it didn't... thanks" I said looking up at his brown eyes. "Hey, there's not many pretty girls anymore, gotta try and presrve a few" He grinned. I blushed and looked away. "Yo bitch, we got supplies... who's this?" Marissa shouted from the entrance of the store. I looked at the guy and he just looked over at Marissa. "Vic" He smiled. She squinted her eyes and then took a few steps. "Holy shit" She cursed. "What?" I asked. "Vic Fuentes" She said with more emotion in her voice. "And that is?" I asked her as she approached us. "Oh my god, he's the singer of Pierce The Veil Sarah" She muttered. I widened my eyes. "Oh, right" I laughed. "So where are you lovely ladies off to?" He asked, leaning against a burnt out car. "We are gonna go east. Heard its a ghost town over there and my parents live in New Jeresey. We are going to see if they're okay" I sighed. "Leaving it a little late" He frowned. "No, we heard a broadcast from them a week ago" I replied. "Oh, well good luck" He winked. "Yeah, you too" I smiled. He walked away and got into a car and drove away. And that was the first encounter I had with Vic.



Thanks, next update tomorrow :)
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I love this!
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Thank you, its hard to write zombie stuff but im glad you like it :)
Wow it's going great