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Were You Honest When You Said...?


Mickey Fuentes is the hidden little sister of Mike and Vic. She's known everyone in the band for a long time, but has always kept it a secret ever since people found out about it when she was in high school. and ruining the small experience of 'fame' that she got.

Vic, is super protective over his sister. He doesn't like her dating, being alone, or getting into any sort of tomfoolery. They're close sometimes, and fighting other times. Mickey lives with Vic, and works for the band during the summer, mainly because he demanded it.

Jaime has loved Mickey for a long time, but always just played the role of her best friend because, for one, he was scared of what Vic would do to him if he ever found out about his friend's love for his siter, and two, Mickey has trust issues and probably wouldn't take him seriously. Plus. she avoids the whole famous, spotlight thing.... It's on their next tour that he decided he can't wait any longer.

What Jaime doesn't know is why Vic acts the way he does around Mickey. A past mistake, and more insight into what really happen to Mickey back in High School.



Updaaaate. This story is wonderful

Please post more I love it!
Jennyphernelia Jennyphernelia
AHH! So good!
eliseypoo eliseypoo
More ASAP!!
Please update more! I forgot it even existed its been so long! I still love it though :)
eliseypoo eliseypoo