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Danced on the Edge


~~Ale's p.o.v.~~
I see him.
Staring straight into my eyes.
" what's wrong baby girl?" Danny asks, worried.
" Turn around."
He turns around and sees who im staring at.
" Wait, is that who i think it is?"
"umm yea"
he quickly turns to face me, gives me a wink, and yells at them
i give a death glare.
what the hell is he doing?!?!?! im here trying not to fangirl like crazy!!
I guess Vic reconized us because he came over and had the face like you seeing an old friend.
" Hey guys, nice to see ya here." he said all happily. I'm hiding my face with my hair, trying to calm down.
" whats wrong with her?" Mike asked.
" Oh, nothing, just hiding her cheeks" Danny said, i could tell he had his evil smile on his fucking face.
Im going to kill him im going to murder him and leave all the guts out. Yea, when im mad, i get crazy killing ideas.
" Have a seat" he said.
"thanks" said Jaime. i scooted over next to Danny, pinching his arm as hard as i could.
" ow" he said under his breath.
im sitting there just looking at my phone, checking my social media. I look around to see what the guys are doing. Well, they're all talking except for Tony,he's doing the same thing as me. We made eye contact for like 30 seconds, and I started blushing like crazy so i just went back to my phone. I could hear him chuckle.
"ALE'S BLUSHING!!" Jaime yelled. which made me blush even more. I hate blushing, im such a easy blusher.
The waiter finally cam to take our order. Unlimted pancakes, eggs,bacon and oj.
"yummy" i started bouncing in my seat
Dan smirked, and the guys laughed.
"someones hungry" Tony finally spoke.
We ate and they asked some questions.
" Are you guys dating by the way?" Jaime asked. Tony's head shot up, like he wanted to know the answer.
" NOOOOOO, he's my older brother." i said.
" She wishes tho." Danny added.i punched his arm and he gave me the "ima get you back" glare.
We all finished our breakfast at the same time.
" Well guys, we have to go" Vic said
"oh okay" Danny said.
" Here" Vic gave me a piece of paper with four number on it.
if you need someone to talk to, you have us. dont hesitat to text or call us anytime.
tony: (###) ###-####
Jaime: (###) ###-####
Mikey<3 (###)###-###
and vic: (###) ###-###
" umm thanks" was all i could say. he nodded, we gave our good byes and went our seprate ways.


well ill try to upload more chapters.. my brothers birthday is today c:


Woah! Thanks!

I really enjoyed this story. Awesome!

piercingirisash piercingirisash
Are you seriously done with this fan fic??!?!?!? You can't be!! It must go on! Make a sequel or something, it musn't end!!!