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Danced on the Edge


---- A few more months later---
Chris was a healthy baby.
I was 7 months pregnant and my birthday was today.
I wake up with the sun rays hitting the walls of my bedroom.
~~ Flashback~~
“happy birthday too yooouuuu” my mom sang, oh how I loved her voice.
“happy birthday princess.” My dad said as he put on a little crown like he did ever since I turned 5.
Danny comes running in with a present in his hands.
“Happy birthday Alejandra!” he kisses my cheek.
“Thanks Dan!”
~~ end of flashback~~
“Happy birthday princess.” Danny said while placing a crown on my head.i feel a tear roll off my eyes.
“Hey, don’t cry, get ready baby girl.” He kisses my forehead and places a black bag on the floor.
I look up to the sky and close my eyes.
“Los Amo con toda mi vida, y los extrano un monton.” ( i love you with all my life and i miss you lots)
I head to the bathroom and get cleaned and shaved everything that needed shaving. I get out and take the black bag from the floor. It had a black and blue dress and a rose.
I sniff the rose, ah it smells so good.
Did I mention I dyed my hair black? Well I did and Alyxx dyed hers Brown. As a mommy gift from Her aunt and Megan.
I put on the dress and my black flats.
I head downstairs carefully, watching my step.
I look at the living room and stop a bouquet of roses. With a note. I get the note.
I love you <3
Ill be there to pick you up my lady.
~Your princpe azul (prince charming)
He was so cute.
* ping*
From:Tony<3 <3
Are you ready?
To : Tony <3 <3
From Tony <3 <3
Ill be there in 20.
I send an ok and sit down.
“Wait till your daddy finds out your genders.”
Yea can you believe it? I was having a boy and girl. I found out the next day I went to the clinic with Nancy and Megan. Yea Megan came to SD to see her little cousin.
I hear a honk and I grab my stuff and head out to my happy place.
“YOU KNOW I STRONGLY HATE YOU RIGHT?!” I yelled to Alyxx as the music was really loud.
“NOPE! YOU STRONGLY LOVE ME!” I giggle and head back inside for a soda since I cant drink.
I head back outside and I hear gunshots.
“EVERYONE DOWN!” said the mysterious man. He looked at my direction and picked me by the arm.
“Ow, bitch you’re hurting me!” I yell at him and all I gain Is a slap on the face.
Tony rushed to his feet but the guy just points the gun to him
“Come closer and you die.” He stops with wide eyes.
Vic takes out his phone, but the guy shots it.
Jaime does the same but the guy shots his arm.
Mike gets on his feet and comes from the side
“MIKEY! No!!” and the guy shots him in the shoulder.
“MMIIIKKKKEEE!!!!” the guy pulls me closer to him and we go outside.
All I remember is that mysterious guy saying
“You’re mine.” And everything went Black.

He just left with her!
“Call 911!!” yelled Jack
“Mikeystay with me baby!” Alyxx cried. I was shocked
I spot a white paper and I grab and read it

I got her – Joshua jackson

The end...... for now


that's it guys... do you guys want a squel?
if so message me or comment below!!

thanks for sticking around you guys.

im pretty bummed this story wasn't in the pop page, but I had lots of fun writing it !! ^.^)/

I love ya! check out my other stories I will put a link of them in the next note c:


Woah! Thanks!

I really enjoyed this story. Awesome!

piercingirisash piercingirisash
Are you seriously done with this fan fic??!?!?!? You can't be!! It must go on! Make a sequel or something, it musn't end!!!