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Danced on the Edge


Tour was amazing; Alyxx had planned today that she was going to tell him, and I had a little surprise as well.
“Omg, okay Aly hold up.” I said as I pinned the last letter to her shirt.
It was a blue shirt that had the letters pinned saying
“IM A BOY DADDY” and at the back of the shirt it had a picture of drum sticks with the lettering on it saying “Future rock star.”
“You know he’s going to flip right?”
“Yes I know, that why I told Tony to keep him busy.” I place a blue bow on her hair.
“Done.” And she turns around she covers her mouth.
“Omg, this is soo cute.” She takes out her phone and takes a picture.
“Don’t upload it to instagram yet.” I take a picture of my artwork and save it.
I call tony.
“Hey babe.”
“Hey baby, you done?”
“Yes, omg she looks so cute ill send you a picture later, can you bring the baby daddy home?”
“Ha, sure we’ll be there in 10.” And he hangs up
Vic comes in.
“Omg! That’s soo cute, he’ll be jumping around!” he gives Aly and Me a hug.
“ he’ll be here in 10 so go back.” And she does.
“You my Friend are a creative head.”
“Thanks vic.”
10 mins later~
“HONEY IM HOME!” I heard tony yell.
“Okay stay here, ill tell you to come out.” I whisper and she nods.
“Hey, babe .” I say while giving my fiancé a kiss on the lips.
“Hey, where mine?”
“She’ll be here in a few. She has a surprise just don’t flip okay? I just cleaned up the place.” He chuckles and sits down.
I turn on the camera recorder form my phone and I press record.
“Alyxx! You can come out now!” and she does.
Once mike saw her his eyes went wide.
“NO WAY!!!” HE smiles from ear to ear.
“Alyxx turn around.”
“OMG!!! IT’S A BOY! HOLY SHIT!!!” and he jumps on the couch and them picks up Alyxx twirling her around.
“Mike hold up.” Alyxx tired to talk while laughing.
“Ale, take off your jacket.” Did I forget to mention I was pregnant?
“Grab the phone.” And I hand her the phone. I carefully take off the jacket and turn around.
It had “IMA BE A MOM.” And four tiny foot prints.
“OMG! ALE?!?!?! SERIOUSLIY!!!!” I turn and nod smiling.
Tony comes to me and twirls me around.
“How many months?” Jaime asks.
“Remember I told you I was feeling like shit and stuff?” he nods
“Alyxx took me to the nearest clinic and well I found out.” Tony attacks me with kisses.
“So that 1 month , what’s with the four foot prints?” Vic asks.
I pull out the ultra sound and show them to him
“NO Way?!?!?! “
“I’m expecting twins!!”
Jaime takes a picture of Alyxx and My shirt and posts it on instagram
The mommy’s to be big surprise. Congrats to @ptvmike, @tonyperry @Ale_Mari_Cor and @Aly_Lopez89 #babyboy#twins#futurefamousband
I look at him smiling. Then I receive the notification of Vic
Twins and a baby boy, CONGRATS to my brother and my best friend!!
Then Mike’s
I cant wait to hold the baby boy of my dreams in my arms. Oh! Congrats @Tonyperry and @Ale_Mari_Cor for the twins!
I take a picture with Tony holding my stomach.
Took the news happily. 8 more months and we’ll be holding our bundles of joy.
Then I take a picture of Mike kissing Alyxx round belly as she was 4 months already and it was nice and round.
@Ptvmike and @Aly_Lopez89 happy family. Congrats you two! #babyboy.
I set my picture with tony as a wallpaper.


yay! she preggers!! <3


Woah! Thanks!

I really enjoyed this story. Awesome!

piercingirisash piercingirisash
Are you seriously done with this fan fic??!?!?!? You can't be!! It must go on! Make a sequel or something, it musn't end!!!