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Danced on the Edge


------------------------FIRST WEEK OF TOUR---------------------------
So the first week of tour was amazing.
We went to Alyxx’s aunt house down in L.A.And we saw Megan, Aly’s little cousin. She enjoyed the fact she met her crush, Jaime, in person.Of course Aly’s aunt was a little shocked she got pregnant in such a young age, according to her but she accepted the fact she was happy and leaving her past, the past. We are now in Denver and we are a few hours away from show time. Ive been working as Guitar tech and Aly as Photographer along with Adam, who’s pictures I adore and love with a passion.
------------ MEET AND GREET-------------------
We are under the tent and these fans are excited. Smiling I was one of them and still am. This girl with black hair and pink tips caught my eye.
“Hey” she said “I’m Crystal. Can you guys sign these for me?” Vic gets the shirt and her phone case, signs it, and passes it to the others. I notice her arms are full of bracelets. She had band ones, carton ones, and friendship ones as well, it hurt me to see so many in her tiny arms. When she gets her Phone and shirt back she comes near me and Alyxx.
“Hey, um this might be weird but can I take pictures with you guys?” she asked shyly.
“Of course honey.” And we pose for the selfie shot and we hand the phone to one of the security guards and he took a pictures of us.
“Thanks.” I pull her closer to me.
“Hey Crystal. How old are you?”
“13.” She smiles weakly.
“Lawd, you so small, you are strong little one, I want to see your face here again okay?”
She gives me a hug and smiles.
“Thanks Alejandra.”
“That’s why I’m here.” And I watch her go inside the venue.
I see Crystal hand a paper to Vic and he happily takes it, and she starts crying. Concerts can be so fucking emotional


Woah! Thanks!

I really enjoyed this story. Awesome!

piercingirisash piercingirisash
Are you seriously done with this fan fic??!?!?!? You can't be!! It must go on! Make a sequel or something, it musn't end!!!