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Danced on the Edge


I wake up sore from my back. My arm is killing me. I try to move, but it wasn’t the smartest thing ever. I look at my surroundings and I see Tony sleeping to the bed next to me. I, try, to grab my phone, and I grab it successfully. I take a picture and post it on instagram.

AWW! My baby sleeping here to protect me like he does every night. I love you baby <3 #bestboyfriendever

And text Vic
To: Vic :3
Hey can you bring clothes for my man?
And to Daniel.
To: Dan – Dan._.)/
Can you bring me my clothes and star bucks and a Hershey’s bar? Thank you big bro! <3
And I wait * ping!*
From: Vic :3
Sure! Be over in 20! Glad you’re awake again Ale<3

I get up, carefully and head for the restroom, locking the door.
“Hold up! “ I wash my face and put my blue hair in a messy bun
“I need to dye my hair black.” I remind myself and head out
“Hey Vicky – poo!” I say hugging his waist.
“Hey ale.” He pats my head.
“BLLLLLLLLUUUUUUEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I hear Jaime screaming and I’m in the arms of my bestie.
“Jaime! PUT HER DOWN! NOW!” he puts me down
“Gosh, sorry DAD, I was happy to see my best friend out of her bed.” Jaime pouts, and hands me a plush teddy bear.
“Aw! You didn’t have too!” I say sitting down on the bed, and placed it in the nightstand they had there.
“I’ll tell Nancy you’re awake” said Vic and he heads out.
“OHH!! My best friend got the hots for my cousin!” I laugh and tony stirs
“Shut up Mike!”
“Ouch, he’s dreaming of Mike instead of me. I guess perrentes is real.”
Jaime goes next to his ear and whispers something that made Tony’s eyes snap open.
“What the hell man!” he looks at me and smiles.
“Hi Babe” and he sits next to me and gives me a peck on the lips.
Nancy comes in giggling with Vic.
“Hey Girl!” I say and she smiles and gives me a light hug.
“Omg, Ale, you know good people. This one didn’t leave you for the week you were here.” She looks over to tony and gives him a smile.
“I think it’s kind of cute.” She adds. I blush. Danny comes in with my order.
“Seriously Alejandra? You would want Hershey’s chocolate.” Nancy rolled her eyes while laughing.
I grab my stuff from Daniel’s hands and give a kiss on the cheek.
“Thank you!!!” and start sipping on my star bucks.
“So Ale, You can actually leave today if you want to, ill go fill the papers, Danny come with me Ya?” and they head out.
“Vic!” his head snaps up “stop checking out my cousin man, I know you like her but chill. She’s still small.”He smiles at me.
“Ale, shut up.”
“Don’t hurt her foo, you may be my bfff but you have a Cortez in your heart and hands, and we don’t let anything slide.” I feel Tony tense.
“Daniel didn’t give you the speech of the Cortez’s?” he shakes his head.
“Wellll now you know, NANNNNCCYY!!!” I yell. Never mind. I go to the bathroom and change into my clothes. I need help to put on this stuff, gosh.
“Um, TONNY?” I yell.
He opens the door and closes it quickly.
“Can you help me?” he only nods and helps me change.
“Grazie babe.” He smiles.
“Hey, tone, you okay?”
“Yeah, just tired.” I shrug.
Danny comes to get me and help me to a wheelchair since I can’t walk long distances yet.
“Okay so heres my number again Ale, don’t lose it. “Said Nancy.
“Ill hit you up and we can go see our babes yeah?” she smiles, nods and kisses my forehead.
“Bye guys! Keep in touch!” and we’re out of the hospital.


Hai guys thanks for sticking around..

there is only like 10 - 15 chapter left for this first fan fiction I've ever made.. AANNNDD!!! they will be a sequel to it!!
BUTTTTTT!!!!!!!!! that may not happen if YOU don't comment, subscribe and Vote!


Woah! Thanks!

I really enjoyed this story. Awesome!

piercingirisash piercingirisash
Are you seriously done with this fan fic??!?!?!? You can't be!! It must go on! Make a sequel or something, it musn't end!!!