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Danced on the Edge


~~ still tony's p.o.v~~
" JJ is known as Joshua Jackson. He was a football player 8-12th grade. he was a total player he pratically had sex with every girl that let him. He was a cutie i must admit but he wasnt my type at all. i met him in 9th grade in my biology class. The teacher put us in birthday order. Mine's september 27 and his is the 28. At first he was a total sweetheart with me. He bought me chocolate everyday and made me feel special, loved and accepted. but ill let you guess why he did that to me, well he wanted to get into my pants. i knew what was his idea but i didnt let him. He did that for 3 years. One day he invited me to a a junior party. and i took Aly with me to well not be a shy girl there. JJ was drunk when he got to his house. He never got his eyes off of me. I had a medium blaxck dres just above my knees and Aly had a purple one. I guss he put something in my drink because when i finished the soda i felt dizzy. he took me to his room and well, yea." he was in tears." Daniel didnt know what happened until i came home like a mess. I told him everything and he went to kick his ass. The bad thing about that ws when he did that i was away from home. i was 17 at the time. i was alone Alyxx left the next day to live with her aunt in L.A. and i had nobody, well i felt alone. I got my tattoo at 17 well because my mom's friend was a tattoo artist and well she gave me one for my birthday, which is the Darling youll be okay one, After i had my tattoo done i wanted to but new cd's and went to a near by music store. Ther music store close by there was a 30 min walk but i had no urge to get back home. so off i went, i went through an ally to shorten the way and well i got jumped by some guys in all black. all i remebe from that was waking up in the hopital 3 days later. and til this day i still have nightmares and to take them away from my mind, well i cut myself." she looked down, i lifted her face and wiped the tears.
" you're one of the most strongest girl ive ever met, just dont to it again okay?"
She shakes her head and heads upstairs and slams her door.
"Man what a nightmare. I'll find taht motherfucker, first he's frighting my girlfriend now yours!!like what the fuck is his problem!" screamed Mike
" thats just a sick joke." said vic
" WE need to help her fight this living hell"
" she always said this to me " with heaven above you there's hell over me' it kills me"
" umm guys dont ever leave her alone after that." Said Daniel
" Shit!" i run to her bedroom and start pounding


hope you likey. . . more drama coming soon c:


Woah! Thanks!

I really enjoyed this story. Awesome!

piercingirisash piercingirisash
Are you seriously done with this fan fic??!?!?!? You can't be!! It must go on! Make a sequel or something, it musn't end!!!