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Danced on the Edge


~~ Ale's P.o.v~~
Girl's night was a success.
We ran on the beach like little girl we were. and then went to a nearby club. Some guy tried to eat Alyxx's face but damn that girl can protect herself. She slapped that guy in the face and the guy slap her back, i got in the agruement and well, kick his ass. we got kicked out of course but its was fun. because we were drunk, but not that drunk. i called a cab and waited for it in the frezzing night. it was wierd that it was this cold. while waiting, Alyxx puked and Brittt then me. it was gross. the cab got here 15 mins later and ge had a 30 min drive. when we arrived at my house the lights were on and you could hear screaming and shouting.
i slowly wake to the front door and find the guys almost killing each other.
"EXCUUUSSSEEE MEEE!!!!" everyone stopped what they were doing.
" Grazie, Danny and Mikey get your girl there asleep in the taxi and the guys gotta leave." they bothe rum outside pushing each other. Tony comes infront of me," you need sleep."
i yawn and he caried me up stairs. all i remeber is him gicing me a kiis in the forehead.


that it folk for today.... be back on monday or tuesday c:
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dont worry im a turtle and i dont come out of my shell to bite ^~^


Woah! Thanks!

I really enjoyed this story. Awesome!

piercingirisash piercingirisash
Are you seriously done with this fan fic??!?!?!? You can't be!! It must go on! Make a sequel or something, it musn't end!!!