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Danced on the Edge


Danny's p.o.v~~~~
I could tell my little sister was very excited for this. She was singing along with Vid and I would be doing the screams. She always put her guts into these songs, I was actually happy to see her this way, I havent seen her so happy or excited in a long time.
We lost our parents in our early teen years. In which i had to make the descion and drop out of high school to make a living for the both of us. She wanted to end everything twice in her high school years, and I didnt want to lose her. she was the only person left i had.
HOLD ON TILL MAY blasted through the car speakers. she stopped singing and looked outside the car window, and back at her arms, which made me suspect the worse. Even though she was an adult, she was still suffering through these relapses, and she thinks I don't know, but I do and nothing make me hurt more than to know that my little sister is suffering.

~~`ALE'S P.OV~~
Danny was quiet the whole time. i wonder what's he's thinking about. Hold on till may blasted on the car. i stopped singing, this song, was special to me. i looked out the car window, tears falling, then looked at my arms. they were filled with scars and fresh cuts. i quickly put my sleeve down, i didnt want Dan to see them.
too late for that, i said to myself.
your stupid for seeing them in front of him, i said to myself.
"please tell me you didnt, and i just saw something else."
i can hear the pain in his voice.
"im sorry." and looked out the window again. we arrived at the venue right on time. there wasnt many people yet so we lucky, more like a miracle. Daniel parked between two cars and turns off the car.
"lets go baby girl" he said before getting out the car.
I got my poster and my phone and headed inside. It got really crowded, i held on Dan's arm tightly, i mean being short, i could get lost, god these people were like towers. Danny's saw my face expression, so he gave me a piggy back ride. we made it to the front. The baracades in front of me, and my brother right next to me.
I've been waiting this moment all my life


heyy there c:
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Woah! Thanks!

I really enjoyed this story. Awesome!

piercingirisash piercingirisash
Are you seriously done with this fan fic??!?!?!? You can't be!! It must go on! Make a sequel or something, it musn't end!!!