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Danced on the Edge


~~ Danny's P.O.V~~
" I Had alot of fun tonight Brit" I say to my girlfriend, while putting the car keys in the counter of my house.
" I Had lots of fun too babe" she smiles hiding her face.
She's just like Ale when she's shy or embrassed or she's blushing.
" Well ima go home now, ill see you tomorrow"
" okay baby, ill see you tomorrow."
she gives me a peck on my lips and leaves.
when i turn around i find. . . Tony?
" Hey Tony, what you doing here?
he jumps like a ninja to the couch and relaxes when he sees its me.
" OH hey!!.. um ive been here since the morning with your sister taking care of her."
" oh okay, where is she?"
" shes actually sleeping right now, shes in her room, i just came out of there cuz she was screaming and turning."
she was having those nightmares again.
" Does she normally do that?" he asks
Crap." yeah, its just nightmares she gets"
he thinks for a little while. " Can i help?" " you know like help her?"
Thinking it through he can.
" to be honest, you actually can."
" really?! how"
" come with me to the kitchen and we'll talk"
he nods and follows me to the kitchen to the little bar i have there.
" A drink mate?"
"umm sure a beer would be fine"
i grab the two beers, give him one and i sit down across from him like we're on a buisness meeting.
" make her happy." i say "simple as that"
" thats seems easy enough" he shrugs " but why does she have these nightmares?" he rubs behind his neck.
i guess i should tell him. he deserves to know as he's going to be around Ale now.
" She.. her past is a rough one. look, she was bullied from elementry to high school. She tried to commit at least twice already. She never left the house. She didnt talk to Alyxx who is her best friend. Alyxx started to get worried about her and came every single day to take care of her while i went to work, then Alyxx started having her problems of her own and never came back. i found out she moved to L.A. with her aunt to get away from the problems she had here. Ale wasnt herself again. She once escaped the house and i didnt know till i came home from work. she left a note saying she didnt want anybody and she didnt want to cause me trouble anymore. I ran outside looking her her for two days until i get a call from the Hospital saying that she was there. I rushed to the hospital and asked what happened. she was 18 at the time. They told me she was beaten up by some bastards i probably dont even know and well almost left her dead."
I look up to see Tony but he was in tears.
" I-i-i-i care about her alot man, i like her too."
" look" i grab his shoulders" you stay by her side and make her happy all of you guys can help her. Alyxx is coming back to surprise her tomorrow. we can change her ways, we'll help her through. just dont hurt her shes been hurt enough.
He nods and stands up
" ill help her. i promise."
we gave each other a bro hug and he left.

~~ Tony' p.o.v~~

I will help her in anyway i can. i promise that to her, her parents her brother and myself




Woah! Thanks!

I really enjoyed this story. Awesome!

piercingirisash piercingirisash
Are you seriously done with this fan fic??!?!?!? You can't be!! It must go on! Make a sequel or something, it musn't end!!!